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A young Tom Sims and an even younger Terry Kidwell

Photos: Bud Fawcett
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October 25, 2012

Toms Sims passed early this September and the loss was felt by all who shared his love for snowboarding. But what is important is to remember the legacy that Tom Sims has left behind and celebrate him by sharing our passions with others.

Sims has made worldwide impressions, but it is his roots here in Colorado are the focus of this month's most recent feature written by Colin Bane: "Reflections on Sims' Colorado story." In it, Bane talks about Sims' recent collaboration with Colorado Snowboard Archive founders Trent Bush, Kurt Olesek and David Alden. Go check out the Archive in Vail and you can find an assortment of some Sims' original designs, among other snowboard artifacts. Also reflected upon is Sims' push to allow snowboarding on the slopes with skiers, which was initiated here in Colorado at places like Ski Cooper and Berthoud Pass. Sims organized some of the very first ever competitions here, and won them too.

Sims' passing can be seen as a true mark in the history books to the end of a generation. We felt it important reflect upon and share his Colorado story so that the newer generation of riders will know why it is that they are able to snowboard today.

Grab a copy of the newest issue at a boardshop near you, or CHECK IT OUT ONLINE. The Tom Sims feature can be found on page 72.


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