Anyone who watched the start of the X Games Snowboard Big Air might have been pleasantly surprised by the tactics of Halldor Helgason to kick off the competition. Although Helgason did not make the podium in the Snowboard Big Air, he did throw one stylish method to obviously make a statement about today's judging protocol. Unfortunately for Halldor, style points will only get you so far in this kind of competition.

Max Parrot stomped his way to the top of the podium with a triple cork 1620, with 17-year-old Yuki Kadono coming in second, and Stale Sandbech bringing home the bronze.

Snowboard Big Air Results

1st Max Parrot – 93.00
2nd Yuki Kadono – 88.00
3rd Stale Sandbech – 77.00
4th Seppe Smits – 77.00
5th Sven Thorgren – 67.00
6th Torgeir Bergrem – 64.00