For six years in a row now, Shaun White has taken down Winter X Games Superpipe Gold. A lot complain about how the competition side of the sport has changed into more of a trick show. And though White is winning with some of the most progressive pipe tricks around, there is no doubting the dude's style. Not only does he consistently lay down the best pipe runs, but he is also going bigger than anyone else. White averaged 16 feet of vert above the lip of the pipe on each of his hits this year. That's 5 ft higher on average than the rest of the competitors. He set the record with a 24 ft 1 inch air on the first hit of his second run.

Coming in second is X Games youngin, 14 year old Ayumu Hirano (future of superpipe) and X Games vet, Scotty Lago gets the bronze.

1Shaun WhiteR95.00R98.00R17.3398.00

2Ayumu HiranoR45.00R92.33R19.6692.33

3Markus MalinR14.33R91.33R37.6691.33

4Scotty LagoR90.00R48.00R1.0090.00

5Greg BretzR80.00R30.00R84.6684.66

6Louie VitoR4.66R21.66R73.3373.33

7Christian HallerR5.66R18.00R36.6636.66