All the teasers for the local videos are looking really good; earlier this year we saw the Halladangus teaser, more recently Nightmare released their teaser for Established Forever, and now we've got the latest from Aunti. Films aptly titled WTF. This video will features some of Colorado's best, so it's definitely one you don't want to miss. And if you didn't know, all three of these locals videos will be at this year's Snowboard on the Block Festival.

Straight from aunti.films' Vimeo:

2013/2014 aunti.films Trailer for WTF!! Good times had with wild Pals on SnowBoards, captured with cameras by other crazy pals.

Cody Potter, Ben Lynch, Greyson Clifford, Tom Semotuk, Eric Goldmann, Ryan Arrington, Mikey Lucido, Mike Branson, Jackson Fowler, Ben Berberich, Tucker Andrews, Brandon Dipprey, Seth Hill, Paul Weston, Bobby Monday, Scott Askins, Andy Harris, Pat Milbery, Christian Luque, Even Erickson, Avery, Erickson, Brandon VanDyke, Jeremy VanDyke, Matt Nighbert, Aj Wix, Garrett Mckenzie, Louie Arrigoni, Mitch Schmidt.

James Hill
Travis Villarreal
Drew Hastings
Jonah Henckel
Thom Rosely
Chris Van Diemen
Scott Askins
Ryan Arrington
Tom Shaw
Spencer Davis
Gabe Zumpano
Ian Dunshee
Dan Wightman
Johnny Hancheck
Randall Reynolds
As well as help from the Riders too!

James Hill