If you’ve been a snowboarder for any amount of time you’ve heard of the Burton US Open. It was held in Vermont for many years before being moved to Vail Colorado a few years back. A lot of snowboarders from the Denver Metro Area travel up to Vail at some point during the event to check it out, or at least attend some after parties. The problem is, snowboarders tend to be a pretty broke group of people and Vail is definitely not for the financially challenged. You’ve got to have gas money to get up to Vail, a weeks worth of your grocery budget to pay for parking, and a lift ticket or season pass if you’d like to enjoy your time up there. After quite a few drinks and late night after parties, you’ll quickly find out that you’ll end up needing a place to stay the night as well. We know only a few of you can afford a hotel room in Vail, especially at the rates during the week of the US Open. These issues brought us to the conclusion that we needed to research some new ways for our readers to get a little bit more out of their trip to the Open. Read on for our top 4 tips to come back from the Burton US Open possibly less broke than usual, maybe even with a new job or the digits of a pro snowboarder.

R: Shaun White P: Gabe L'Heureux

R: Shaun White P: Gabe L'Heureux

1. Work for the Burton US Open security team

Lone Star Security is our top pick for getting the most out of your time at the Burton US Open. The company runs the security for the event and is currently hiring for quite a few positions. They pay a solid $15 per hour to be behind the scenes working and ensuring the safety of your favorite athletes and event patrons. They provide full training for those that are interested in being a part of their team, and you don’t have to be 6’ 5’’ and 200lbs!

With this job you’d get free access to all of the events and concerts throughout the week, and they provide a bunkhouse to stay in. We’d suggest applying for this position with a group of buddies, as they’ll pay for your groups gas to Vail, and they are generous enough to let their staff stay an extra night or two in the house to snowboard and attend some festivities.

Read more about this opportunity and get in contact with a Lone Star Security rep here:

2. Volunteer for Burton

Each year Burton brings on a team of volunteers to help out at their US Open event. You’ll get to learn a bit about how they run some aspects of their events and meet some cool people. You probably wont get too much behind the scenes access but you’ll get to be a part of the event. They’d most likely have you sit at one of their tents and provide customer service or hand out maps at the doors. You wont make any money this way, but you will probably get a free t-shirt.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Burton US Open contact their Volunteer Manager, Dylan DeGarmo at degarmodylan@gmail.com.


P: Pat Wright

P: Pat Wright

3. Volunteer for Chill Foundation

Chill Foundation is a non-profit that teaches at risk or disadvantaged youth life skills through board sports. Through their ties to Burton they are often on site at the Burton US Open and are always seeking volunteers. You wouldn’t be paid and probably won’t get any swag, but you can definitely check off a good deed from your new years resolution list.

Sign up to be a volunteer here:

R: Red Gerard P: PeterCirilli

R: Red Gerard P: PeterCirilli

4. Drive an Uber in the town of Vail.

If you’d like to participate in some US Open festivities, could really use some extra money, and aren’t available to work security at the event, we’d highly suggest getting set up with Uber to drive in the town of Vail during the event. We all know people tend to let lose and drink a bit more than usual during this week, so you will probably get a good amount of entertainment. If you’re the star struck type you’ll like to hear that you will have a pretty good chance of picking up at least a moderately famous drunk pro snowboarder on one of the nights of the Open. Who knows, you might even get one of their phone numbers!

Start your week-long Uber career in Vail here:

We hope this short-list helps you to find a way to participate in the Burton US Open, despite being a broke ass or just needing a bit more incentive to get up to Vail. With our suggestions you’ll be able to either make some extra money, find a free place to crash, get some swag, meet some pros or be behind the scenes of the event. All pretty good incentives to sign up for one of our top ways to get the most out of the Burton US Open. We’re sure you’ll come back with some great stories no matter which option you choose.