Words by Mike Goodwin

This past Thursday I rallied up to Woodward at Copper to meet Austin Julik-Heine, Alex Ulyankin, and Pete Payette in an attempt to do some boarding before the last of the snow melted. Unfortunately the course was ripped with a week of rain prior to our arrival, leaving the snow sparse and the rails a bit sticky, but the park staff whipped it up the best they could and we were able to have a damn good time regardless. Check out a quick 30 seconds from up on the hill.

Though the snow is just about gone, there is still a ton to do up at Woodward at Copper between the skate set-up, all the action in the Barn and the countless other things they have running, so head on over and enjoy the summer! Also be sure to come up for the Snowboard Colorado Mag session, July 29th - August 2nd, and hang with us!

Follow the link for more info on Session #8 at Woodward at Copper