We've teamed up with Arbor Snowboards to give you the chance to win a 2017 Arbor Clovis 159 through our Instagram and Facebook! Be sure to head over to @sbcomag on Instagram and our Snowboard Colorado Facebook page, links at the bottom of the page, and follow the directions on how to win yourself this new deck.

The Clovis is Arbor’s new Camber System gun. It was designed with Mark Carter, who drew shape inspiration from Native American arrowheads to deliver the performance, power, and stability required for hunting massive mountain lines. Over two years of R&D went into perfecting the Clovis with the goal of delivering balanced precision in an all-mountain weapon.

System Camber / Non-Symmetrical Mountain Twin / Medium Flex


  • Parabolic Camber
  • American Black Walnut Power Ply
  • 2X4 14-pack inserts
  • Double Barrel I Core
  • Mixed Glassing
  • 360 Rails
  • Sintered Base

Here's all the tech: