"Making a snowboard part to me means getting a bunch of your best buddies together and riding your snowboard. That's what this part reflects and I wouldn't have it any other way. Filming in the streets and backcountry has been an experience and literally a ride of a lifetime. It has brought me all over the states and introduced me to some of my best friends. I want to continue to do this for as long as I can. It doesn't matter what everybody else is doing just express yourself and have better style than everyone. Quality _______ Quantity I just want to shoutout to my sponsors Rome and CandyGrind for having my back since the beginning and being able to associate myself with some of the raddest dudes in the industry. Shout out to VZ and Suga point for being down for the cause and keeping the product flowing. Thank you, my hats off to you guys! Here's to another year and new adventures." - Nate Cordero

Filmed by: Bryan Cordero

Additional Filming: Mike Anderson Ryan Sheetz Jon Hill Ben Elliott Dave Satterfield

Picture by: Brandon Huttenlocher