The future is a scary place, and we would know, because we got a glimpse of the future this past weekend at SIA Snow Show 2015 at the Denver Convention Center. Hordes of snowboard brands and gear nerds gathered in Colorado to show off the products of the 2015/2016 snowboard season and we noticed a few trends along the way. One of the trends, as seen on these boards from Salomon and Stepchild Snowboards is a lack of optimism towards the future. Take a look at the rest of the trends we spotted to see if you agree.

One thing we noticed was that the internet continues to creep its way into real life in the form of cats and pizza. These two things were on boards and graphics across the showroom. But while there was actual pizza at many of the booths, we did not see any actual cats. Pictured is the CAPiTA Jess Kimura pro model with a graphic designed by Peter Line.

Crazy allover prints (including pepperoni pizza themes) were seen on outerwear once again this year. Neff (pictured) lead the charge with the bright colors. Airblaster also unveiled their killer dino-camo. Oh yeah, camo was everywhere too.

Frameless goggles are not going anywhere and seemingly every goggle brand (including Nike) had their own version. Shown here is the EGX goggle from Electric.

Bluetooth was everywhere this year, from hats to sunglasses, and everywhere in between. One guy in a Budweiser jacket even showed me a pair of sunglasses with bluetooth headphones and a HD camera built right in. Pictured here are the Big Turtle Shell and the Turtle Shell 2.0 from Outdoor Tech, one of the few brands that managed to do it right.

And finally the trend I think everyone saw coming: different shapes. Spring Break has been doing this for a while and Arbor introduced the Zygote Twin earlier this year, but expect a lot more of these and DIY shapes on the hill next year.