Even when not getting face shots, Zack's got a smile on his face.

Even when not getting face shots, Zack's got a smile on his face.

Name: Zack Black
DOB: 08.01.90
Hometown: Breckenridge, CO
Resides: Salt Lake "No Snow" City, UT
Sponsors: Unity Snowboards, YEA.NICE Brand, i.N.i Cooperative, Protec, Vans Rockies, Dye Goggles, Hudsen Collective, Satellite Boardshop, Breckenridge

You seem to have a different (perhaps less serious?) approach to snowboarding than most competitive snowboarders, why is that?
Most of my friends are competitors because I have spent so much time riding and competing. I always found I rode best when I was "competing" with them, even though I really didn't care who landed the best complete contest run. Sure winning and money are tight, but I have always been, and will always will be, just as stoked when my friends succeed.

Would you consider yourself a pipe jock?
Yes, I am a "pipe jock." Mainly because I suck at rails and would rather turn a groomer and blast some airs on a solid board than ride around with no edges slipping off all the powders. Also, I get a new board and make the edges an extra degree sharper, so yes, pipe jock.

Jockin'. P: Aaron Dodds

Jockin'. P: Aaron Dodds

How do you keep things fun in contests?
I go to contests with a three step plan:

  1. Do the tricks I like even if I won't win with them.
  2. I never (rarely) ride the park chair and always take real turns to the course.
  3. I always attempt to bribe the judges to give me a more relaxed situation.
  4. Repeat step 3 at bar

Do you have to take drug tests? What’s the trick to passing one?
I do drug tests, like the Lance Armstrong kind – no jokes, no cheating. The trick to passing them is having a source to tell you if they will be at the contest.

Tell me about Team Sponge.
Team Sponge is a joke my brother (Jake Black) and the ultimate sponge photographer, Jeff Brockmeyer, created from a Kenny Powers’ line in Eastbound and Down. Chad Otterstrom is the leader because he wants no part of it. But this year we made a little video for a shop challenge at Satellite Boardshop and we sponged up all the Colorado mountains with our big dicks. It's more of lyfestyle than a crew. Stay off our waves, gringo.

What’s the sickest thing you’ve ever seen Brockmeyer do?
He really likes strip clubs, and he really likes strippers, and when they close weird things happen. Otherwise I plead the fifth for safety reasons.

Have you been to the Unity factory?
I have, it’s awesome to watch a board get built and know everything is done by a human. No cheap Chinese crap or pre-broken in boards, just boards hot off the press, ready to sponge up the mountains.

Do you consider snowboarding your full time job? Or do you have something else that pays the bills?
Since high school competitive snowboarding has paid my bills, it has paid for a full scholarship to school in Salt Lake City, and it has been the only thing I know I will never lose the passion for. I am currently making less than I used to and have been at a cross roads. I am sure, however, that I was never in it for the money.

Describe your perfect day.
Wake, turn, slash, circle carve, talk a little shit, hot lap, hot tub, back massage, some pool at the bar, cut some rug, sleep, and plan to repeat the following day.

Zack enjoying the views at Aspen Snowmass. P: Aaron Dodds

Zack enjoying the views at Aspen Snowmass. P: Aaron Dodds

What are your holiday plans?
I'm visiting my mom in Aspen and soaking up all the powders out here and enjoying being in wonderful Colorado.

Anything else?
If you are an American snowboarder, visit Norway for all your foreign babe needs. It's that simple, it's that easy. That is all.