P: Aaron Dodds

P: Aaron Dodds

DOB: 8.23.92
Hometown: Carbondale, CO
Resides: Denver, CO
Sponsors: Salomon, Bonfire, Smith, Aspen Snowmass

Why did you move to Denver?
For school down at CU Denver, that’s why I moved down. I am a senior, getting my bachelor’s in geography with an emphasis in environmental studies. My minor is international studies. So I’ll be in Denver on and off throughout the season, hopefully set up my class schedule for next semester so that I can have some time at home and ride Aspen.

What’s your favorite geological feature to snowboard on?
My favorite feature would have to be any natural tranny, little rollers, things like that. I like going fast and just popping off stuff. 

Since you’re down here, do you have a pass to anywhere closer, or are you only riding Aspen?
I also have a Summit pass, so I’ve been getting up to Breck and Keystone a lot this early season. Just cruising around waiting for some good snow to come.

P: Aaron Dodds

P: Aaron Dodds

What’s the biggest between living in Denver and Carbondale?
It’s just a completely different environment. It’s really cool living in a city as opposed to a small town. I love going to Rockies games and Nuggets games and that sort of stuff that I don’t get the opportunity to do normally. And then skating, that’s been huge. Getting to skate Arvada and Wheatridge all the time has just been so fun. I’m still skating even now like two or three times a week; and that’s probably the most fun thing about living in the city, the ability to do that.

What’s the worst part?
Traffic, hands down. The commute up to the mountains from Denver is a lot longer, less than ideal.

A lot of mountain town folk like to hate on the “Front Rangers,” how does it feel to be one of them?
[Laughs] It’s different! It’s just a whole different thing when you go up to the mountains, there’s just not as many mellow people [in the city]. It’s a whole different vibe. Like when I’m riding at Snowmass you don’t even need to call anyone because pretty much everyone I ride with is already going to be there, you know? Then with Summit County, it’s kind of chaotic. I try to stay away from Summit on the weekends; it’s way more mellow during the week, kind of resembles what it’s like back home.

Even though you’re a Colorado local, do you feel like an outsider in Summit County?
I know if “outsider” is the right word. I just feel like I can totally fly under the radar in Summit, which is actually really nice. It’s nice to be able to just go up to the mountain and just take it mellow, like if you don’t feel like cruising with anyone. It’s also cool because there are so many kids that rip, so it’s a good place to get inspiration and push you’re riding.

I was going to ask you this before I knew you were in Denver, but were you bummed when Blake [Axelson] moved in with the Gerards?
[Laughs] Was I bummed? No that’s fricken sick [laughs]! I haven’t had a chance to get up to their backyard, but it looks like so much fun, I’m pumped to ride there. But yeah, I think Blake and I will still get to ride together a fair amount this winter. He’ll be back in Aspen for Christmas around the same time I am, so it should be good, we should still be able to put out a few little edits.

You still doing Mobbin’ edits?
Yeah, we’ll still be doing the Mobbin’ thing or some variation of that. I don’t know exactly what yet, but they’ll still be under the same name.

Is Mobbin’ Wear still a thing, or just a video series now?
Right now I would say just a video series, just our little crew of people, I guess.

What are your plans for after graduation?
After graduation? That’s a good question [laughs]. Before I graduate at the end of May I am going to go on a backpacking trip around Europe with one of my buddies for a month or so. Doing that now because I might not be able to do that next year after I graduate. And then we’ll see. It all depends on if I stay in Colorado, I also really like Oregon and it would be sick to leave near the Oregon coast. And hopefully do something with the environment with my degree. I don’t know yet, but something along those lines would be ideal.

Any trips planned?
Not at moment. I’ll be back in Aspen next week. I’m just going to try and get out on some side country stuff. I got just all my backcountry gear, so I am looking to bring that into my snowboarding, just explore that a bit more than I have in the past. That’s something I am really looking forward to.

Anything you’re looking forward to this season?
Just hoping it snows a bunch. It’s cool having Denver as a home base, I should be able to hit a few more street rails, which is something I typically don’t do, so I am looking forward to that. Just staying healthy would be ideal.