DOB: 6.3.88
Hometown: Augusta, ME
Resides: Summit County, CO
Sponsors: iNi, Fyve, CandyGrind, Phunkshun Wear, Outdoor Tech

Creepin' while you're sleepin' P: MacKenzie Hennessey 

Creepin' while you're sleepin' P: MacKenzie Hennessey 

What are you doing right now?
I am out east, riding Gunstock, New Hampshire. Filming another edit for bEASTly edit.

Oh, you’re riding right now?
Yeah, but I’m taking a lunch break now.

How long have you been living in Colorado?
I’ve been riding Summit County as my home base for the last couple years. I tend to travel back east a few times a season and probably up into Oregon a little bit too, but mostly in Colorado.

How come you decided to do a “2014” edit instead of a 2013-2014 season edit?
Well, I was originally collecting my street footage last year to make a full part. Some shots went some places, some shots went other places, and a bunch of shots went no places. I had a bunch of projects that kind of just fizzled and I wanted to use all that footage. So it kind of molded into this year long project, I filmed the last few street shots this past month in Colorado, so I figured I’d just go from January to December and make a full year.

Did you do all the editing?
Yeah! I worked with a lot of filmers that hooked me up with the footage, then I shot the time lapses myself.

Did you get any of these recent snow in Colorado before going home?
Yeah, we’ve been digging a BMX track in the woods. I’ve spent a lot of time doing that and we haven’t even filmed at it yet. But I did get to ride some of the pow at Breck the week before I left.


Do you just spend winters in Colorado?
Well this last summer I went to Australia and Chile for two months. I’ve been trying to spend June and a little of July back in Maine, it’s a great place to be in the summer time. Then it’s good to go travel to good snow.

Where was your favorite place you went in 2014?
Definitely going to Chile, it was my first time in South America. We got dumped on the first day, it was like a 14 inch pow day. They have some amazing side country and backcountry zones that are right off the resort, really easy to get to, with just wide open fields of pow.

Do you pay your way on those trips, or do your sponsors help you out?
I’ve been paying my way. This past summer I had a little bit of work from doing the Big Head series, and I worked for two months to save up for the $3,000 in plane tickets. I had some help from Fyve, they gave me place to stay when I was in Australia; and a little help from Echelon Snowboards, they helped me out when I was in Chile, I filmed an edit for them. But mostly just working at my uncle’s business saving cash in June and July.

Is that Big Heads thing the most popular edit you’ve done?
I would think so. The one from Superpark last year, on EpicTV, got like 120,000 views so fa, I think. We’re releasing another one in the next week or two. It’s from Australia, like Big Heads down under.

How did that whole idea come about?
I had the idea, but didn’t do anything about it for a few years. I first saw it in a music video from Reggie Watts called “Fuck Shit Stack.” I thought that would be funny to do snowboarding, but I didn’t really know how to do. A few years went by and I was like, I gotta try to make this happen. I was injured last winter, and while I was recovering I decided to use those two weeks to start learning how to do the green screen work and editing, I came out with Big Head Boardin’, which is the one from Breckenridge last year.

Was having actual snowboarding in it as opposed to just some gimmicky carving or something an important aspect to you?
I wanted to do something different where we could all just enjoy doing it, but in the end, when you get a bunch of talented riders together, they are going to end up doing some crazy stunts. Every time we’ve done one we had a different group of riders, like Seth Hill and Tim Humphreys helped out with the one at Superpark and they were both throwing down crazy tricks in the edit. It’s just awesome to work with talented guys who can see the humor in it as much as they see the snowboarding.

P :Brian Nevins

P :Brian Nevins

You seem like a hard worker, you have a college degree, correct?
Yep, I got my Mechanical Engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic in Massachusetts.

Is it weird having such a serious degree hanging out with a bunch of snowboarders that might not have went to college?
It was kind of weird when I was in school, but I’ve always been a total “enginerd” so to me, it was just a struggle to be able to snowboard as much as I wanted to when I was in school. I probably feel more weird now being a nerd that snowboards than I did being a snowboarder hanging with nerds at school.

What did your professors think of your career choice?
I had one professor who was really into skiing, he always said that engineering was a way for him to help him understand skiing and I kind of took that message to heart. To me, I’ve always kind of been caught between what I want to do for a career and what I want to do for fun, which is snowboarding. So I guess I didn’t have too many teachers that understood it at all [laughs], but that one guy got it and was really supportive of what I did.

So last question, what’s with the “Shredwise” name?
It was just like an off-handed comment at first, I was like, “I’m not doing very good with my life, but shredwise I’m doing pretty good.” To me, it means that you have to go out and attack everything and have fun the way you want, but you’ve got to be smart about it too. That kind of goes along with my mentality about wearing helmets and stuff too, you’ve got to be smart about what you’re doing.