A-Basin Opening Day

A-Basin Opening Day

DOB: 8.7.93
Hometown: Hudson, CO
Resides: Silverthorne, CO
Sponsors: Phunkshun Wear, Spy, DC, Stompgrip, Lumberyard Breck

So we all say your early season edit that came out over the weekend, how many days have you ridden this year?
I would say I’ve ridden over 60 days this year already.

Do you work or go to school? How have you ridden 60 days already?
Yeah, I work part time at Whole Foods, part time at Woodward, and I also go to school part time. I’m almost finished with my last class of the semester, then I am talking the spring semester off to snowboard more.

What are you going to school for?

I noticed you left Echelon Snowboards for DC, what’s up with that?
Yep. So Echelon supported me for a number of years and I am really appreciative of that, but I figured it was time for me to make the next step in more snowboarding. So I got this opportunity with DC and hopped onto it right away, I was super stoked to be brought onto the program.

P: Brent La Fleur

P: Brent La Fleur

Did Echelon drop all their riders? I noticed some other people left too…
I know that most of the riders have left for various reasons, but I don’t think they’ve actually dropped anyone.

Who’ve you been riding and filming with this year?
Will Mayo, Ryan Sheetz, Greg Bejien, and Zach Soderholm I’d say are my main riding buddies.

Why do you think some other snowboard media outlets, one in particular, hate on Colorado so much?
I think it’s because we’re having a really good time, all of us are really laid back people but at the same time put in a lot of work. I think that when people see that we have all this snow and we’re working hard, it’s easy to hate. It’s easy to hate on something when you don’t have it. I guess jealousy, maybe, might be a part of that? I don’t know…

Speaking of being laid back, what’s with the Hawaiian shirts?
[Laughs] Just trying to keep a mellow vibe. I don’t know, I like it. It’s fun and flowing, keeps the air ventilation flowing. Stay cool, not so much dry, but stay cool all day.

Same shirt, different opening day.

Same shirt, different opening day.

One thing I noticed in your recent part was that there were clips from Keystone, Copper, and Loveland. Where have you been riding the most?
I’ve been riding Keystone the most for sure. And I work at Woodward, so I’ve ridden Copper a fair amount also. But definitely Keystone right now, the early season park they have set up is really good.

You hit street with the same crew as the parks?
Yeah, basically. Greg always comes out and films us, and Brent La Fleur also comes and takes photos at pretty much every street spot we go to.

Any run-ins with the cops yet?
Yeah, quite a few actually, but everyone’s been pretty mellow for the most part. No one has written any tickets or threatened to take any equipment, which it’s rumored that the cops do up here.

Have you just been staying in Summit County?
A little bit of Boulder and Denver mixed in there also.

Any plans to take any trips outside of Colorado?
Yeah, I plan to go to Park City. And also Boreal, hopefully, to check out that other Woodward. Whatever I can swing really, I want to travel a lot this year. Maybe do a Midwest trip also.

What about the backcountry? Do you get out there?
Yeah definitely, I’m working on my avy safety course right now and getting all my equipment. A couple of my buddies have a sled, so I am definitely trying to put in some work in the backcountry this year.

With all this work you’re putting in, are you saving your best clips?
I am saving my best shots for me end of season edit, which will hopefully make it in to a well-established film, but we’ll see. I have about three or four clips in the bank right now that I definitely want to save for the end.

That was actually my next question, are there any film crews you’re trying to get your footage to?
Nothing in particular yet, but we’ll see if something comes up though.

P: Ryan Sheetz

P: Ryan Sheetz

Anything people should be looking for?
Just keep looking forward to more edits, more photos, more content.