For a fairly young kid, Silas has awesome style and a great outlook on snowboarding and on life. After having a few shots in the mag this year, and cruising with the Shred Bots crew, we thought it was time to call him up for an interview.

Name: Sy Moran
DOB: 5.9.96
Hometown: Breckenridge, CO
Resides: Breckenridge, CO
Sponsors: Burton, Vans, Anon

You prefer Sy over Silas, right?

Ok then, Sy, how are you doing?
I’m doing alright, feeling a little under the weather, but you do what you gotta do.

Where are you right now?
I am in Mammoth, California.

Doing what?
Doing the U.S. Revolution Tour.

Was it just practice today?
Yeah it was just practice today, then we compete on Friday.

With your “snowboard career,” do you plan on staying on the contest circuit, or what’s the ultimate goal?
I’d really like to do it all, I want to do contests and film and ride backcountry. But the ultimate goal is just to have fun and ride with buddies.

How’s the snow in California right now?
Uhhh there is not a lot of it [laughs]. A lot of rain.

Was there enough to build a decent course?
Yeah, the course is good, the jumps are nice and big. It’s soft and slushy, which is fun, it’s like riding in the spring time.

I heard you and Alek Oestreng are pretty good friends, how did you guys meet?
We met in New Zealand two seasons ago, just boarding.

And now when he comes to Colorado you ride with him a lot?
Yeah, we ride quite a bit. He’s actually out in Mammoth right now as well.

I saw you in the ShredBots edit recently, did you know you were filming to be in that?
No [laughs], I just started riding with them and they brought the camera out and asked if I wanted to do some lines. And then next thing you now, I watched the edit and I had some shots.

What’s it like riding with Torstein Horgmo?
It’s wicked, he’s funny. Like all the shit he does in all of the edits, it’s constantly like that, just always taking a shit on things [laughs].

What’s the secret to a good Instagram video edit? I know you have a lot of them out there.
Ohhh… I don’t know [laughs]! Just fun. Nothing super crazy or big bangers, just fun stuff snowboarding.

Are the crazy electronic songs you use in some of those edits what you listen to when you ride? Or is that just for Instagram?
That’s just for the gram [laughs].

What kind of music are you actually in to?
I like old stuff, like Led Zeppelin, AC DC, Johnny Cash… and A$AP Ferg [laughs].

Speaking of older… I heard the older ladies really dig you?
Ummmmm… possibly.

Sy Moran Front Board

Any relationship stories you want to tell us about?
Umm, I like older women, the older women like me [laughs]? There might be some funny stories…

So, season is wrapping up for a lot
A few more events, contests here and there. A Canada trip in March to go ride Whistler and possibly Ontario for a bit. Mostly just riding in Colorado and filming a bunch hopefully.

Are you gonna spend you summer in Whistler again?
I think I am going to New Zealand for bit, and head to Australia for a couple events, and then Mt. Hood.

Any thank yous?
The family and everybody that has been supporting me.