With the amount of edits coming out of Aspen this winter, we thought it was time to talk to one of the crew members to see what they were all about. So I called up Nick Becker, a self-described "psychedelic dude" who has an awesome outlook on snowboarding and life.

Name: Nick Becker
DOB: 1.4.87
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Resides: Aspen, CO
Sponsors: Slash, Coalatree Organics, Radio Boardshop

P: Seth Beckton

P: Seth Beckton

How did you start getting boards from Slash?
Zach [Hooper] was awesome enough to reach out for me, he told Gigi [Ruf] that we would be filming with Aaron [Hooper] for Will Film For Food and that we were taking pictures. Then I reached out to Gigi and wrote him a message, a couple days later he replied and asked me what board I wanted.

What was it like talking to a legend like Gigi?
Man, he has been a hero of mine since I was a little kid. It’s pretty surreal, honestly. It just kind of re-lit my fire as far as trying to make something for myself as far as snowboarding goes. I’ve just kind of been soul shredding for the past couple years, no crazy dreams, didn’t even have any sponsors or anything. His generosity really meant a lot to me.

That’s awesome. So how many days do you ride a week?

Damn, you ride every single day? Do you work at the mountain?
I do, I drive a snow cat, delivering all the food to the restaurants. I’m usually done around 9:30-10:00 every morning. Then I just shred all day, every day.

Out of the Hooper brothers, which one is your favorite?
[Laughs] That’s a tough one right there. I honestly can’t answer that, dude. They are both amazing. I live with Aaron, he’s my roommate; and Zach has been super generous this year. They are both incredible, I have no favorite.

So you’re filming with Will Film For Food? Are you in the same boat as Mark Pinter, just trying to get as much footage as you can?
Totally. Mark is the super homie, we’ve been shred partners for the last couple years and he is definitely one of my best friends, he is awesome.

I know most people never get out to Aspen except for events like the X Games, what’s it like just on a random Tuesday?
You know people just think of it like glitz and glamour in a little bubble, which it is on the surface. But there’s a pretty incredible, kind of underground crew of hippy kids just trying to enjoy the mountains. It’s an incredible community, honestly. We all kind of help each other, try to figure our cheap living here. It’s kind of a hidden little secret, I think. Scotty Lago was here a couple days ago and he was just blown away by how cool it is here, and how few pros come here, you know? It’s pretty special. We have our own little park lift and no one ever rides the park here. We’ve got it pretty good.

What mountain do you ride the most, Snowmass?
I’d say Snowmass the most. Unless there’s snow, then we usually go to Highlands or Ajax.

P: Seth Beckton

P: Seth Beckton

Did you grow up in Salt Lake City?
I grew up there until I was like 12, then I moved to New York where I did all my high school in upstate New York, in Skaneateles.

It seems like Salt Lake is more of a Mecca for snowboarding these days, why did you decide to move to Colorado?
I like the laws a lot, how liberal it is. It just seemed like a more laid-back, hippy state compared to anywhere else in the country. It’s got everything here, everything I love: good music, good people, good laws.

Where do you find motivation in your snowboarding?
Honestly I’ve always been really into meditating and just trying to enjoy every moment for what it is. Snowboarding has always let me forget about the craziness of the world and allows me to pour my soul into it. That’s why I do it, I just love it with all my heart and it makes me happy. I think that’s it.

When we were talking before this interview you mentioned your dad, what influence did he have on you?
Yeah, he passed away about two years after I moved to Colorado; I moved here chasing the dream of snowboarding. And when he died at a young age it made me realize that we only have a short amount of time here and how important it is to pour your heart into your passions. After he died I gave it my all, I don’t hold back at all and try to live every day like it’s my last. He has just really driven me to follow my passions.

Notice the pants. P: Seth Beckton

Notice the pants. P: Seth Beckton

On the lighter side of things… I noticed you wear some pretty crazy pants in this Aspen edits, are there any patterns you won’t wear?
[Laughs] Umm, let’s see… not really [laughs]. I love all the crazy patterns. I just love colors, I’m a psychedelic dude [laughs]. The more colors the better as far as I’m concerned.

I think we can end it on that note, anything else?
I would like to say I am super grateful to Zach and Aaron to let me shoot and film with them. And as far as the homies here, we just have an incredible group of kids. Mark Pinter has just done an amazing job holding down the Snowmass park for us and designing everything now. As far as I'm concern his just making this park even better. And Connor Marx, another kid who as been in a lot of the edits - he's just got so much talent and people have no idea how good he is; I have a feeling he'll be on the map pretty soon.

(Thank you to Zach Hooper for getting us connected with Nick and to Seth Beckton for the photos)