P: Jon Hill

P: Jon Hill

Name: Morgan Lynne Anderson
DOB: 06.30.89
Hometown: Erie, PA
Resides: Breckenridge, CO
Sponsors: K2, Rad Gloves, Dang Shades, Lumberyard Skate and Snow Shop, Shredbetties 

Who is the weirdest member of the aunti.films crew?
Jon Hill the photographer. He always steals all my beer and cigarettes [laughs]!

How many days have you ridden this year?
Not really sure. Less than normal because I've been pretty sick the last month. 

Any trips planned for this winter?
I'm planning on linking up with the Too Hard girls sometime in February, not sure where we are going yet! And the usual Minnesota trip is coming up soon.

Is Greyson Clifford the romantic type?
Yeah I'd say so, way more romantic than me at least.

Favorite snowboarders of all time?
Marie France Roy, Jess Kimura, and Des are my favorite girl riders for sure. Christy Prior is pretty rad too.

Why do you always ride with guys?
They are way easier to hang out with than girls.  I don't really care about the latest drama. Plus, they are just better at snowboarding and make me try new tricks 

Why are most female snowboarders so bitchy?
There's a lot of competition between girls all the time... it sucks. Or maybe it's just a bad time of the month. Who knows?

Is it easier to get people to shovel for you at a street spot since you’re a girl?
Not really. I feel like I do a lot of shoveling! More than some of the guys. But they are always really helpful and patient when it comes to my turn.

P: Jon Hill

P: Jon Hill

Do you think you’re better than some of the girls in the Too Hard crew?
I don't think I'm better than them...they are all pretty talented. We all have different styles so it's hard to judge.

Does your boss get mad at you for answering interview questions at work?
Yeah probably. I'm on a break.