P: Nick Young

P: Nick Young

Name: M.J. Arsenault
DOB: 2.2.92
Hometown: Wildwood, Missouri
Resides: Dillon, Colorado
Sponsors: Mantis United 

How did someone from Missouri get into snowboarding?
I moved to St. Louis in 5th grade and there was a dump hill that happened to be 10 minutes from my house that was a ski "resort." It was the cool thing to do so I gave it a shot and been riding ever since.

When did you move out to Colorado?
I moved to Summit County about two years ago.

Last week we were at a spot with Magoon and you were basically sessioning it by yourself for a while. Where do you find the motivation?
Got a heads up from Squiggs to come to the spot; after seeing the set up, it looked like fun and wanted to get a shot. 

You also took a gnarly slam, I heard you might have broken a rib?
Nope, doc cleared it to just being obnoxious bruised ribs 

Are you always slamming hard?
Ha, I try to limit the slams when possible.

Worst slam you've ever taken?
I’d have to say this one.

Last year you were able to get over a minute of solid street footage, and this year you are already back at it. Any plans for your footage to be in movie, or just an online part?
I’d by stoked to be able to make it into a movie, but as of now, just trying to hit more spots and get more footage.

Is it true you don’t smoke weed? That can make you an outcast in a lot of snowboard circles…
Nothing a pack of smokes and a case of beer can’t keep me occupied while the blueberry kush blunt is getting passing around.

Who do you usually ride with?
Any of the boys that are down to ride that day; always a good day when the whole crew gets together.

Who’s the heshest dude in Summit County?
Ah, what’s hesh? 

What’s the longest you’ve gone without showering?
A couple weeks this past summer camping out of the truck in Hood.

The fall in question.

The fall in question.

 Are you in school? What for?
Almost done with Colorado Mountain College with Ski/ Snowboard Business Degree and a Minor in Fine Art.

If you could pick how you’re going to die, what’s it going to be?
Probably picked up by a pterodactyl and dropped into a T-Rex’s mouth.