P:  @filmforfood  "Welcome to the crew Mark Pinter!!! You jumped yourself in'j.." 

P: @filmforfood "Welcome to the crew Mark Pinter!!! You jumped yourself in'j.." 

DOB: 9.14.89
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Resides: Aspen, CO
Sponsors: Bonfire, High Society, Will Film For Food

So you’re riding for High Society?
I am kind of in the middle of things right now. I’m riding High Society boards right now. I don’t really have a sponsorship deal, per se, nothing official with any board companies.

What’s going on with Will Film For Food?
Basically we’re just getting shots around the Aspen Valley, going on missions and having fun with it. Just working with Aaron and Zach (Hooper), we’ve got some shots so far, hopefully get some backcountry trips later on in the season, that’d be cool. Right now just filming some urban, it's been a good start.

And you’re going to try to get a full part in their next film or just some shots?
I’m hopefully going for a full part. I’m off to a good start, but working park crew it gets tough with time, you know? I think we’ll have a long winter and I am hoping for a full part, that’s the plan right now.

Does it feel weird going into a project that has been mostly powder and backcountry the past two years?
I wouldn’t say it’s weird. I think Aaron’s really good at shooting all different types of features and different aspects of snowboarding, so it’s cool. I think it’s refreshing to bring back some urban to it. When he was doing the Givin stuff there was definitely a lot of urban things, but the last the two seasons have been a lot of backcountry. So I think it’s good, I think Aaron’s stoked to get more urban shots going again.

Snowmass park on a sunny day P: Aaron Dodds

Snowmass park on a sunny day P: Aaron Dodds

How did you meet the Hooper brothers?
Just shredding the mountain and through other homies that are friends with them. I met Zach on the mountain while he was shooting some photos. I helped him do some photo work last year at some Red Bull training camps and Double Pipe. That kind of helped me get my foot in the door as far as him shooting me as a riding – just helping him when he was doing his thing shooting other events. I would just go along and help with flash work and stuff, and when we had time we would do our own thing, so that was really cool. Aaron I met kind of the same way, through buddies. I actually met him in the summer skating and what not. So we talked and kind of just went from there; I think he’s stoked on my riding, which is cool. So this fall he kind of wanted me to get a part together for his video and I was more than willing.

Any trips planned with them?
Nothing definite planned yet, just kind of seeing what my schedule is like. I would be stoked to get some backcountry shots with them, go on some missions at least around here in the Aspen area, or around Colorado in general. I know he goes and travels over in Europe and stuff, I don’t know if I will go in on that, but that’d be cool. Nothing definite right now.

Still working park crew, right?
Yeah, Snowmass park crew.

How’s the season going so far?
It’s going really good, we’ve got a pretty awesome early season park going towards the base of the mountain. And that actually turned out super rap, we got a bunch of sick rails and a little jump. We kind of mixed it up, there are a bunch of different lines you can take into them, it’s pretty fun. Then we did the Thanksjibbing rail jam last Friday, we set that up and I competed in that. It ended up being really sick, there were a lot of different options. It was a really good time.

P: @filmforfood "Mark Pinter everyone..stoked you're part of the crew homie!!!"

P: @filmforfood "Mark Pinter everyone..stoked you're part of the crew homie!!!"

So I’ve already seen some street photos of you, seems like you guys are already taking advantage of the snow?
Yeah, we’ve hit several street spots so far, it’s going good. Zach came out and shot a few of them, we got some really cool night shots that turned out awesome.

Best place to ride in Aspen?
Probably have to say Snowmass park, on a sunny day that’s where you’ll find me. And Buttermilk park, I kind of go between the two because they’re both super awesome. On a good powder day I’ll probably be cruising the mountain at Highlands or Aspen Mountain.

Do you get a lot of strange looks being a long-haired, tie-dye wearing snowboarder in Aspen?
[Laughs] Yeah, kind of! I think most of the locals have seen me around, so they’ll kind of used to it now. But definitely with the tourists you get those looks, which I think is cool. You got to bring your own style to it and make people turn their heads. I don’t mind it at all, I think it’s awesome.