Since the Ham City Slammers seem to be one of the most productive and creative crews in Colorado right now, I got in touch with Graham Goodwin, a videographer, snowboarder, and driving force behind Ham City.

Who are the official members of Ham City?
Ham City Slammers is basically a collective of a bunch of kids who are down to film tricks when myself or Steve takes a camera out. There's no real idea of membership; Steve and I just started filming and editing this shit in college and it evolved organically into what it is today. Recurring slammer icons include Peter "Bossiff" Nossiff, Benny Ship, and Zach Ahrens.

Where are you guys from?
Steve is from New Jersey, I'm from New York. We met down in Colorado Springs at school through our mutual interest in skateboarding.

What’s behind the name?
I wasn't there for the conception of the title. It was born on an A51 Chairlift when Steve was divinely inspired by how ham Pete "Bossiff" Nossiff was going -- they had just recently started riding together. This edit marks the beginning of the Ham City Slammers: 

Are there any initiation rituals?
Be down to hike a park feature with some random kids you just met.

Are any of you guys officially sponsored?
Sure, some people get help here and there, but sponsorship is more or less irrelevant to Ham City as a whole.

How often do you guys ride?
We used to be weekend warriors due to the fact that we were in college, but we decided to ditch that plan a while ago.

Who are your major riding influences?
There are way too many to mention; I'm a big fan of the footyfiend kids. I can't speak for anyone else.

Who are your major editing influences?
Some of my first favorite internet edits when we started doing this were Skylar Brent's High Cascade edits from a few years back. Of course, Jake Durham and New York City skate edits had a hand in introducing us to filming and editing SD footage. It's almost corny at this point to reference Peter Sidlauskas / Bronze 56k as an influence but I cant deny that his style of editing and reference has left a huge impression on me. LurkNYC and Dudesarecool5 also deserve a mention here. My favorite full movie last year was Colton Morgan's Video Mixtape. The departure from the standard rider/part format was really refreshing and the song selection was on point.

Who is the most β€œHam” in Ham City?
Peter "Bossiff" Nossiff was undoubtedly the inspiration behind the Ham in Ham City. Shouts out to the boss! Heal up quick.

What’s on the cutting edge of the Summit County snowboard scene?
The difference between our point of view and those of other prominent Summit County "crews" is that we have a more cosmopolitan outlook. They tend to be exclusive in who they film and ride with, and in my opinion that is a limiting factor. We incorporate as many different people and styles as we can, which I believe makes for a more interesting edit. And I think this reflects the openness of our attitude on the hill. 

As far as who? Luke Rodnick, Greyson Clifford, among plenty of others. And let's just say if you don't know about Brendan Sullivan, you're about to.

Will there ever be a full Ham City movie?
There is a collaborative video in the works.

Will you ever go HD?
Ham City Slammers does not discriminate against any film or video mediums

Any last words?
Watch this:

And follow this @__hamcity.