Name:  Dillon Wilson
DOB:  4.19.93
Hometown:  Madison, CT
Resides:  Breckenridge CO
Sponsors: Burton, Analog, Zeal, BIGS Seeds

Filmed by: Dan Waltermire and Johnny Wilson

Does Burton push you to ride in contests? Or do they let you do what you want?
I don't get any pressure from Burton, just support. All the guys at Burton are homies and want me to pave my own path in snowboarding how I want. That being said, TM's will always love a podium - I'm just trying to figure out what contests I can do that are cool. 

Even though you are from Connecticut, do people tell you that you look like a SoCal surfer?
Ya, your typical dummies. I just laugh. 

How did you celebrate your 21st birthday?
My girlfriend threw me a party at her crib on High Street in Breck and we had a buncha homies over. We got drunk there and never made it out. I wasn't itching to get into the bar scene - I'm down with drinking at home with a crew for cheaper.

Will we see any street or backcountry footage from you this year, or are you just a park rat?
[Laughs] I've been collecting clips the past few weeks down in Arvada, Boulder, and Golden. It's been fun and gets addicting. Stay tuned for a full part this year - maybe in the One Glove movie... 

How was New Zealand?
New Zealand is awesome. It's a lot like Colorado, without the green. Cool lakes, mountains, and a happy crowd. I went down there in September for a little over a month to get back on my board. There's a couple Keystone dudes that park crew at Cardrona in their "off season," which is sick - the park is proper over there and I got to travel around the entire southern island with my girlfriend...

Best park to ride in Colorado?
Keystone A51.

Best place to ride for a pow day?

Dipset or A$AP Mob?
A$AP Mob.

Go to hangover cure?
H2O 'n' splee.

Plans for the rest of the season?
Film.  I'll be based here in Breck, but I'm Taking a trip to Minnesota to visit Matty K.(Kirchgasler). I want to make a trip down to Silverton and Red Mountain Pass. Filming the whole way. This is the first season I don't have to work as much, so I'm trying to get after it.  

Who have you been shooting with?
Brockmeyer, Chip, Bregante, others I don't even know. It was real random last year, but it's better this year. I've been linking with Jon Paciaroni lately in the cities. Also, keep an eye on Johnny Bucketts aka Johnny Wilson. My brother just picked up a hefty camera and he'll be capturing most of my stuff this season.