Name: Cody Potter
DOB: 2.14.90
Hometown: Littleton, CO
Resides: Dillon, CO
Sponsors: Smokin' Snowboards, So-Gnar, iNi Cooperative, Electric, Thirtytwo, Sandbox, Phunkshun, team minion, JammyPack, Aunti filmz.

P: Brent La Fleur

P: Brent La Fleur

How was filming for WF
Too much fun with those guys. Nothing but fun sessions and successful days when filming with Aunti for WF.

Describe Travis, Jon, and James (the people behind aunti).
A.K.A the three amigos!  These three guys are a few of the coolest, most rad friends you could ever have. Travis has got the moves, Jon has the looks, and James is the brains.

Any good run-ins with the cops?
I wouldn't call em "good run-ins," but we've been lucky enough to stay under the radar for the most part... and if the feds do get involved we just kill 'em with kindness.

What about party filming?
I remember my first beer.

Tell me about getting bloody faced at Winter Park.
That was all sidewalk straight to the face. My left nostril has never been the same since.

P: Micheal Donovan

P: Micheal Donovan

What are your thoughts on the whole “rolled up pants” controversy that’s hit the internet so hard lately?
Let me ask you this, why would that even be a question? Wear your pants the way that they are most comfortable to you when you're riding. What happened to sagging?

What’s the secret to the proper press?
It's all in the VDflu technology that all Smokin' Snowboards come equipped with. Big ups to my boys at Smokin' for coming correct on the freshest best boards around for decades now!

Tell me about your TBI, how and when did it happen?
Back on March 31, 2009 I slipped walking and fell off a cliff at Beaver Creek on a powder day. Went straight into a coma. Three brain surgeries and two titanium plates later it's like nothing ever happened. After a few days of showing small signs of life, I luckily woke up and the best part about it was, was that I was alive. I cannot thank my lucky stars enough for the miraculous recovery that I was so very blessed with. Nor can't I ever appreciate enough the first man on scene, my main man, Dillybear (Dylan Armstrong) and the whole ADK crew for that matter. My family couldn't have done a better job of taking care of me.  So much love for my family of friends.

Are you still feeling the effects of that injury?
I'm more susceptible to losing track of my thoughts still, but I'm fine as long as I don't lose my mind.

How was your So-Gnar road trip this past month?
The So-nar trip is one of its own! So much fun work to be had with so little time to do anything. I love traveling around searching for snow with all the bobs. Killer crew to keep busy with! Best stop this past tour for me was Detroit, MI.

Any other trips planned for the season?
I'll be joining So-Gnar in Tahoe for the Boreal stop and then up to Washington.   

Coming into Denver for any SIA parties?
Party at the Smokin' Snowboards booth!!

 Thanks for your time!  Adios amigos!

Interview by Darin Evangelista with help from James Hill