Brett as seen in the  November 2014 issue  P: Aaron Dodds

Brett as seen in the November 2014 issue P: Aaron Dodds

Name: Brett Esser
DOB: 10/12/1992
Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa
Resides: Breckenridge, Colorado
Sponsors: Rockstar Energy, 686 Outerwear, Smith Optics, Gnu Snowboards, Hudsen Collective, Breckenridge Resort 

So I saw that you received your Dew Tour invitation. What other contests are on your schedule?
Yeah stoked on that! This year I have a few contests in mind. I'm going to do Dew Tour, a couple of the Grand Prixs, hopefully X Games, the U.S. Open, and European Open. 

How do you “train” this time of year? Contests start in just a couple of weeks and there isn’t a halfpipe in sight?
[Laughs] Well, you can't "train" right now, but I usually try to just get super comfortable on my board before I have to go huck myself. I find turning your board a lot and hitting rails gets you feeling normal again. Yeah, pretty crazy that we have to jump into the pipe for a couple days and then compete, but it's always a blast getting back into it. 

We’ve seen some crazy backcountry shots from you through the years, how often do you get out there?
Lately I haven't been out too much, which sucks. Last year I got out a couple times but this year I plan on getting out there a lot more. I fricken love the backcountry and always have a good time out there. 

P: Aaron Dodds L: Winter Park, CO

P: Aaron Dodds L: Winter Park, CO

Any intention to film a video part?
I have always wanted to film a part. When I grew up, I was living off of snowboard videos (Full Metal Edges, Unleashed, Afterlame etc). So I really want to get into filming. This year I have a buddy that is a filmer so I'm going to hopefully get something online. 

Last book you read?
Mind Gym

Last movie you watched?
I'm watching The Amazing Spider Man right now, so I guess by the time I'm done with this interview it will be over [laughs].

What’s the worst part about living in a mountain town? The best?
Worst -  the tourists. Everyone that lives up here depends on them, but every once in awhile it gets a little old. The best - Seeing people you know just about everywhere you go. 

In your eyes, who is the “king” of Breckenridge?
Eric Willet, when I was growing up riding Breck, he would be in Freeway annihilating the jumps all day, everyday, no matter what the weather was like. 

Follow @brettesser on intagram. Slash: Asher Humphreys P: Benji Farrow

Follow @brettesser on intagram. Slash: Asher Humphreys P: Benji Farrow

When’s the last time you hit up the slopes of Iowa?
I can't even remember, maybe four years ago? One year I went back with my family to see relatives and I went to my old home hill and I did some flips (which aren't allowed there_ and the manager of the mountain pulled my pass for life [laughs].

What’s going on your epitaph when you die?
Don't let other's negative energy affect you.