Saturday & Sunday, May 9-10, 2015

We toured around Berthoud Pass on Saturday, linking up four different lines. The powder was unbelievably fun in the morning. By the third run, being lower elevation, we started to experience "hot pow." The storm was blowing in so between the third and fourth run, in the time it took to skin up a 1,500 foot face, we had some nice blower snow again for the fourth and final run of the day.

After experiencing some truck issues and having to ditch my truck in Georgetown, we headed to Loveland Pass to camp overnight. The reports called for 10-20 inches that night. We met a random dude camping nearby with warm fire. He was also a pretty talented guitarist/vocalist.
While we didn't quite get the storm that night (6 inches at A-Basin) that we had hoped, it continued to snow all morning and afternoon and turned into an amazing day. Our plan of hitting a backcountry line before A-Basin opened was foiled since Loveland Pass was closed. We got first chair instead but even a white blanket of pow wasn't anything close to what was out in the backcountry. After one lap, we started splitboarding for the pow. My GoPro died in the middle of the first backcountry run. We had three more epic lines this day on Loveland Pass, each better than the last.

In total, we hit eight completely sick backcountry lines, in two days, with primo conditions. We spent nine or ten hours a day skinning or riding non-stop. We met some really cool people along the way too. Thanks to all the random drivers who stopped and picked up us bums on the side of the road. Visit the Cafe next to the dispensary in Georgetown if you get a chance; good food and service. And go camp next to this dude on HWY 6 a few miles west of A-Basin, the guy is a trip.