You don't need to go to Alaska or British Columbia to experience heli-boarding. Silverton Mountain has got you covered. If you're curious as to how much this would cost you, here's a quick rundown:

1. $179 Per Heli Run - You need to also purchase a lift ticket (Lift Ticket: $49-$139 depending on the time of year).
2. $999 Heli Day(per person) - Includes 6 heli runs with more than 22,000 acres of ski terrain. Silverton has chairlift accessed backup skiing available for you at no extra charge if your trip is cancelled once underway (rarely happens due to weather etc).
3. Private Ship or Heli Transport - You, your friends and the heli. Only $8,900 for the Private heli Mon-Weds with more runs than most legs can handle and includes 2hrs of Hobbs time (time on throttle in flight).
4. $829 Overnight Heli Accessed Ski Touring Trips - Includes two heli drops and access to scenic remote basins for additional human powered runs. $829 per person with a 4 person min. Additional days $350 per person.

More information here.

From Zach Hooper's Vimeo:
"Flying high in the San Juan's with Silverton Mountain Guides today was an unreal experience that I highly recommend! True professionals. Thank you so much RedBullCO, Chase Garrett, Ben Ferguson, OC, Skylar Holgate, Chris Coulter, Silverton Mountain Staff, Aaron and Jen Brill for showing me such an amazing day! The Silverton Mountain family is seriously living the life!"