If you're anything like us, it's almost time to maybe start thinking about Christmas shopping. These are the items on our list for either ourselves, or our loved ones. We will update this list throughout the week with some of our favorite snowboard gear. Click any item for description.

Day 7 - This is your last chance, we've picked things here from a variety of price ranges, from $20 to over $500, so you can pick depending on your budget or how much you love the snowboarder in your family.

Day 6 - Time is running out, grab these items to make any snowboarder in your family happy.

Day 5 - The items selected today were picked to keep you ahead of the pack. If you're worried about looking cool or being on the cutting edge of snowboarding trends, these items are for you.

Day 4 -  Today we are featuring some products from some lesser known brands, including Apo, High Society, and Homeschool; then finish it off we Ride, who's been making quality gear since forever.

Day 3 - We're not messing around now, these are some of the things at the very top of our lists:

Day 2 - Snowboarding is not just boots, boards, and bindings. You also have to carry your gear to the hill, stay warm, and get that snowboard prepped, these items will help you get that done:

Day 1 - Here are some of the base layers and clothing we're asking for this holiday season, because looking cool off the hill is just as important as on the hill. Click any item for description.