Made in Colorado. Courtesy of Phunkshun Wear

Made in Colorado. Courtesy of Phunkshun Wear

Who are you and what are you about?
My name is Jason Badgley and I am the CEO of Phunkshun Wear Facemasks. Our focus is protecting faces from winter weather elements such as snow, wind, cold, and sun. We combine technical applications with top of the line fabrics and a large variety of graphic options. 

Where are you based out of?
We take pride in being Denver based, and manufacturing all of our products in-house here on East 47th Avenue Dr. 

What do you do to support snowboarding?
We try to give back to the snowboard community wherever possible. This year we are donating a portion of every mask sale to the High Fives Foundation, a nonprofit that aides winter sports athletes that have suffered a life-altering injury while pursuing their dreams. 

Clear up the worst misconception about your brand.
We are commonly compared to a β€˜buff’ but nothing could be more different. Our products are made from entirely different materials that have been engineered to our specifications. 

What do you see as the biggest problem in snowboarding?
Rocker, learn how to ride a cambered board. 

Who is your target market?
Everyone that needs their face protected and appreciates a quality piece of gear. 

Any types of people you DON'T want representing your brand?
Bank Robbers, ISIS.

Where do see the company in 10 years?
Still in Colorado, maintaining our USA Manufacturing and continuing to create top of the line products.

Have you ever turned down a retail shop that wanted to carry your goods? Who and why?
Every once in a while we have to refuse to open an account, and it's not the easiest thing to do. Usually this stems from an interested retail shop stalling on their dealer application, not wanting us to provide industry standard information and references, which raises some eyebrows. Typically a few months later, we hear about that account stiffing the companies that sell them product, it’s very sad to see. 

What local shops carry your products?
You can find us locally at Hoyal Boardshop in Colorado Springs, The Wright Life in Fort Collins, and across the Front Range at BC Surf and Sport

Anything else you want people to know about?
Yeah, Snowboard Colorado Magazine Kicks Ass!