Never Summer rider Nick Larson with a 360 Nose Bonk at Aspen Snowmass P: Aaron Dodds

Never Summer rider Nick Larson with a 360 Nose Bonk at Aspen Snowmass P: Aaron Dodds

Interview with: Vince Sanders, Product Development at Never Summer Industries

Who are you and what are you about?
We are a
 family owned U.S. based company focusing less on hype and promotion and more on building the highest quality performance driven snowboards on the market.

Where are you based out of?
Denver, CO.

What do you do to support snowboarding?
We support snowboarding by developing local riders, providing Signature Features to six different resorts yearly, hosting multiple local and national events, putting on a complete free national demo tour, doing Ticket to Shred which allows us to get to know our fans while shredding the backcountry, and by providing exceptional customer service and warranty programs to keep people on the slopes.

Clear up the worst misconception about your brand.
One misconception about our brand is that our boards are "heavy." Over the years, with our new technology and construction, our boards are lighter or on par with anything on the market. We have compared other brands to ours, for example, our new 151 Funslinger with our new Boost Flex Core is at 5.65 lbs, lighter than comparable models and sizes from other brands.

What do you see as the biggest problem in snowboarding?
The biggest problem we see is that we as an industry need to make it cool again, keep kids from skiing and on boards and shredding. Snowboarding is the closest to the snow sports to surfing and we need to convey this better.

Who is your target market?
We have a broad market and feel we build a board for every snowboarder, especially considering the versatility of our Rocker Camber profile.

Any types of people you DON'T want representing your brand?
Haters and Angry Snowboarders.

Where do see the company in 10 years?
Still family owned and making boards in Denver, CO.

Have you ever turned down a retail shop that wanted to carry your goods? Who and why?
Yes, we have. We have a very clean distribution and want to protect our current dealers. 

What local shops carry your products?
Here in Denver we have multiple dealers, to list a few: BC Surf and Sport, Emage, 7Twenty, Christy Sports, Eskimo, Larson's and many more. All of our dealers are on our website under the dealer locator.

Anything else you want people to know about?
Check out our new Funslinger and come to Winter on the Rocks for a chance to win one!