“Once you strap in, it’s still fun. Sometimes it’s scary, but the fact of the matter is we started snowboarding to have fun with our friends and that’s what it’s all about. So what has changed between then and now?”- Pat Moore

In the third installment of Pat Moore’s Blueprint, we are reminded of why it’s important to ride with friends and snowboard every day. It’s not a secret that Pat is capable of going big, but it’s the younger generation and the smaller, more creative spots they are hitting that continue to help drive his passion for the sport that he has helped progress. One member of that younger generation happens to be Breckenridge local, Hunter Wood. Scott Blum, Seth Huot, Mike Rav, and Hunter set out with Pat to not only inspire one another to stomp their tricks and get the shot, but most importantly they continue to have fun while doing it. That is the point, right?