You don't need waist deep snow to have a good time on a snowboard, hell, you only need a couple inches.

"Oct. 2, Old Man Winter peaked his nose out to treat the higher elevations of Colorado to a couple inches of snow overnight. The riders of Summit County quickly flocked to good ol' Loveland Pass for some quick snow sliding. We made due with minimal snow, some shovels, and whatever we had lying around. Apparently a couple corrugated tubes, logs, rocks, and a kicker bench kind of thing had everyone feeling rejuvenated as if they were hitting up the park the day before. All sorts of people showed up from first timers to locals to pros, everyone wanted a little piece of the winter to come. Good times were had by all and it's fair to say here in Summit County, we are ready for some more snow."

Benji Farrow
Ben West
Chris McAvey
Greyson Clifford
Nathan Jenkins
Frontboard Kevin
Zach Soderholm
Random Dude with a BS1 On to be now known as...Luke Rodnick

Filmed by:
Ben West
Gabby Rainville
Zach Soderholm

Edited by:
Ben West"