Nate is an underground killer, traveling across the country silently piecing together an amazing part for the Buck 90/UKC film "Itis." If you have never heard of Nate Cordero, first watch this part, then read about the cross country trip in Volume 5, Issue 1, and check out his Talking Points interview.

From the Ugly Kidz Vimeo:

"This past year has been one of best winters for Nate. He was able to travel around with some of his best buds while snowboarding and filming the entire thing. His part was filmed in a month long period on a trip from Maine to Colorado. They stopped in cities such as Syracuse, Rochester, Cleveland and Chicago. It is crazy how a great winter can put snow in unfamiliar places! Here is what Nate walked away with and its no joke to say the least. His riding and progression earned him ender in this grassroots project known as ITIS.

Special thanks..
Bryan Cordero
Matt Hines
Filmer D (Dan Callahan)
Buck 90 Crew

Rome Snowboards
Candy Grind"