Marc Frank Montoya is a global snowboarding powerhouse straight outta Denver. He is one of the greatest, and arguably the most stylish rider ever to emerge from Colorado. His career has spanned a solid 20 years, from his first shots to his last Snowboarder Magazine cover. He’s a man that has done it all, and has been an integral part of keeping snowboarding legit when most of the industry was running towards money and the Olympics. Though his natural born talent can’t be denied, it’s his drive and ambition that put him on top of the game for decades. Loved by all that know him, scorned by those hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, Marco knows who he is, where he is going, and has succeeded despite the odds.

A true original, there is only one MFM. -Trent Bush

P: Jeff Brockmeyer

P: Jeff Brockmeyer

Click here to read the full Marc Frank Montoya interview by Trent Bush from the January 2015 issue of Snowboard Colorado Magazine.

Excerpt from the interview:
Trent Bush: If readers want a quick dose of MFM style, what video parts should they check out on YouTube?
MFM: I don’t really have one favorite, but people seemed to like Optimistic, Love/Hate, and Back in Black.
TB: They should also check your part from More. It’s got that last shot where you dislocated your hip…

(Marc's part isn't online, so here is the trailer)