Love Games 2017 was definitely a highlight of the season, and Satellite just released a proper edit of the action! The vibe and riding on Loveland Pass are on another level, and it just keeps getting better each year. Such a fun weekend with an All Star crew of riders sending it at each zone. 

Featuring Riding from: Justin Phipps, Aaron Golbeck, Nate Cordero, Seth Hill, Alex Andrews, Hunter Frutchey, Austin Gregory, Ben Lynch, Jade Phelan, Sean Murphy, Cody Cooper, Everett Morton, Melissa Riitano, Chris Depaula, Brendan Sullivan, Chase Blackwell, James Halfner, Luis Eckert, Josh Boeser, Seth Bruce, and Dillon Wilson.

Film: Drew Herder and Ari Lightsey

16mm/8mm Development: Drew Herder

Edit: Drew Herder