Love Games 2015 went off! Thanks to everyone who came out especially those who were out for build day! 

We go behind the scenes to learn about some of the history behind both the event and Loveland Pass itself. Today it represents a strong beginning to snowboarding in the late '80s and early '90s. A place of friends, fun and no bull. That's what it's all about, Love Games stays true to these values and the legends who call this their home.

Riders Featured: Alex Andrews, Austin Gregory, Nate Cordero, Hunter Frutchy, Kit Hendrickson,
Luke Winkelmann, Francesca Deitreich, Justin Phipps, Mike Gagliardi, Ryan Cruz, Ethan Campbell, Tyler DeWitt, Dilion Wilson, Hunter Wood, Chad Otterstrom, Shaun Murphy and Brendan Berry

Interviews with: Matt Beck, Austin Julik-Heine, and Troy Bush
Archival footage of: Chad Otterstrom, Colin Mcfarland, Raul Pinto

Filmed/Edited by Drew Herder

Spiral Shades - The Slowing Deep
Battles - White Electric