Jake and Pat at the World Premiere of Mr. Plant in Plymouth, NH P: @volcomsnow

Jake and Pat at the World Premiere of Mr. Plant in Plymouth, NH P: @volcomsnow

Pat and Jake (Director of Mr. Plant) were semi-recently in Denver to premiere their new film, Mr. Plant. Beers were had, movies were played, and conversations were recorded. Things may have gotten out a little weird at the end, but it's fitting as Mr. Plant is no ordinary movie.

SBCO: So I have some questions. Jake, I’m sorry, they’re not really directed towards you.
Jake: Whatever, I’ll work with it.

SBCO: Glad you are here though. Alright, so Pat, what’s your favorite kind of Ass?
Pat: Favorite kind of Ass?  I love all kinds of Ass.  I do not discriminate on the Ass. [laughs]
Jake: I really like the warm ass. [laughs]  It’s good for the warmer temperatures. I’m talkin’ beach time.  Wax that ass, warm temperatures. No one wants a cold ass, but everyone wants an all-temperature Ass.
Pat: Any time, any place.

SBCO: Have any Chad O. stories we’ve never heard.
Pat: I don’t really have any stories.  He’s just a terminator. He’s the most under-rated snowboarder of all-time.
Jake: He’s not underrated; he’s just the best snowboarder of all time. Pat, I think you are taking over the reins from Chad O. as the best all-around snowboarder. He’s still got you on pipe though.
Pat:  He’s still got the pipe, fuck.
Jake: I think it’s about time you moved to Colorado and show everyone your pipe skills.  I know you came from the icy halfpipes of New Hampshire.
Pat: Fuck yeah.

SBCO: Pat, I know you’re kind of a snowboard history buff, is there anyone you still fan out on?
Pat: Yeah, there’s still plenty of people. Chad Otterstrom! I still wanna hang out with him. I’m not embarrassed to walk up to someone and tell them I respect ‘em and appreciate what they do. I pretty much have mini-fan outs on all my favorite snowboarders.

SBCO: If you could pick any eight riders, past and present, for your like, “Forum 8,” who would it be?
Pat: Ugh, shit, I mean, I’ll just start listing the names of my favorite riders. I’ll start with Chad O. ‘cause we are here in Colorado. Then I’ll go Haakonson, Peter Line, Jeremy Jones (Jibber Jeremy), and then big mountain Jeremy Jones… to mix it up a little bit. Travis Rice, Kyle Clancy, and Lukas Huffman.

SBCO: Did you act as the father figure, hanging out with Rav and Hunter over this past year?
Pat: I’m like the kitten herder.  It’s like I have a bunch of idiot-cats who don’t know what to do.  I gotta like, hold beer cans in front of them to get them to move around.

SBCO: In an old Transworld interview, you said you hated your own style.  Do you think that’s changed?  Are you like a fine wine, growing as you get older?
Pat: No, it’s the same as it was then.  [laughs]

Pat talking about his crew after the showing of Satellite's Crew Battle at Summit Music Hall

Pat talking about his crew after the showing of Satellite's Crew Battle at Summit Music Hall

SBCO: Is it still weird watching your own video parts?
Pat: Well, I just nit-pick them a lot.
Jake: Seeing you ride this year, Pat, riding with all the people we rode with for Mr. Plant, I think you really kind of embraced their style as well… like taking pow-turns with Iguchi, or snowmobile shadowing with Curtis Ciszek. You guys really fed off each other.  That was a huge part of having them involved in the video, was that you really wanted to have the people whose styles you liked in our project.
Pat: Yeah, getting to do methods with Terje and getting to do whatever Rav finds, totally polar opposites.

SBCO: A couple years ago, you did an interview with us and you talked about how you have a history of getting hurt in Colorado.  Do you have any plans on coming back this year?
Pat: Yeah, of course.  I kinda got past that whole getting hurt in Colorado thing. I still get hurt.  Whe I was younger, I just got a couple concussions when I was here, all sorts of shit.  Now, I’ve been coming to Colorado almost every preseason to ride with Chad and now I look forward to coming back every year to get warmed up for the year.

SBCO: Pat, you obviously had a big part in Jake Welch’s comeback.  What does that mean to you, as a friend, to see him comeback?
Pat: I was so bummed out when he took his year off, ‘cause he’s my favorite guy to ride and film with.  Part of it was that I wanted to get him back out there, but it was also me being selfish, me needing my buddy to go out there and film with, ya know?
Jake: Jake is the only guy in the snowboard world that can hang with Pat.  They’re both on that level, like the highest level of snowboarding, and both those dudes can feed off each other like nobody else.

Jake and Pat introducing  Mr. Plant  while Dylan Alito chucks product off stage.

Jake and Pat introducing Mr. Plant while Dylan Alito chucks product off stage.

SBCO: Jake, do you have any questions for Pat?
Jake: What’d your favorite band?
Pat: Of all-time? I guess, probably, Metallica.
Jake: What’s your favorite alarm clock?
Pat: New Hampshire alarm clock.
Jake: What’s your favorite kind of mouth wash?
Pat: New Hampshire mouth wash.

SBCO: What do you think of thes Colorado craft beers?
Pat: I haven’t tried any.

SBCO: You were at True Brewing earlier today…
Pat: Yeah, I didn’t have any beers.
Jake: He doesn’t drink.  He hasn’t had a beer in, like, ten years.

SBCO: Is that true?
Pat: [laughs] No.
Jake: This is the best beard growing technique out there.

The beard in question. P:@patmoore

The beard in question. P:@patmoore

SBCO: Do you think your career has grown with your beard?
Jake: With the progression of the movie, you see the progression of the beard, and how big it gets. It’s like, you can see how a snowboard movie grows.
Pat: I just stopped shaving when we started the film, and I’ll just shave when we are done. Now we are done and I have this beard, and I don’t want to shave it.
Jake: You should see my pubes. [laughs] It’s the same thing.

SBCO: So will next year’s project be bigger and better than Jake’s pubes?
Pat: I don’t know. Jake’s pubes are pretty damn long. It’s insane.