Post spot spliff.

Post spot spliff.

Lucas Linwood Magoon

Where are we?
We are in good ol’ Denver, Colorado.

How long have you been out here?
Flew out on Thursday and I’m enjoying your snow.

How many spots have you hit?
Well...[Long pause to count] I think about six spots?

How many dispensaries have you hit?
We hit up about... well we flew in, hit up a 24 hour place and went to that address... turned out to be a delivery service out of their house. So we met ‘em on the corner the first night we got here. And then we went to two others so far, actually three others so far. And I believe we still got a couple more to go.

How’s the weed been treatin’ ya?
Ah yes, the medication has been very proper out here. I enjoy the state of Colorado.  I enjoyed it before [weed was legal] as well, definitely thank you.

Now that the snow is melting in the city, what are you doing after this?
Well, it’s lookin’ like good ol’ Turkey Day is comin’ up, gonna peace out for that. I believe Big Bear is opening up possibly this weekend. Hopefully Southern California, where we're at, sees some snow so the mountain can open. Other than that, waiting for the next snow storm and getting on the road.

Everyone is saying you’re hungrier than ever; what’s different?
Well, I guess I enjoy it, I haven’t really "done it” in a couple years. I am definitely just enjoying it and realizing that I need to use my time wisely. The way I see it, if I am lucky I got another five years in me, so why not just go hard as much as I can, see how much the body can last?

Awesome, thanks for your time.
No problem, thank you.

11/17/14 in Denver, CO P: Darin Evangelista

11/17/14 in Denver, CO P: Darin Evangelista