Name: Alex Cantin
DOB: 08/28/1986
Hometown: Quebec City, Canada
ponsors: Ride, Ashbury, Axis, Ifound, Plenty Humanwear

Alex gave out this Ride Snowboard at Keystone last weekend. Nic Suave thought it was pretty funny.

Alex gave out this Ride Snowboard at Keystone last weekend. Nic Suave thought it was pretty funny.

How long have you guys been coming out to Colorado for early season?
That’s a good question… I think for six years, maybe?

Do you always drive?
No, usually two or three of us drive and the rest of the crew will fly, so we’ll have a car out here, then we can go to Breck or Keystone or the Rec Center. It’s just easier to have a car out here.

Were you in the group that drove this year?
Yeah, I took my car. It took 30 hours from Quebec City; 30 hours non-stop. Usually we rotate, there is a person who drives, a co-pilot, and someone who sleeps in the back. We rotate after each tank [of gas], I think it takes about three tanks each person.

In an old interview you said you always wanted to go on trips with Jake Kuzyk, now that he’s on the crew is it everything you’ve dreamed of?
It’s sick. We’ve known him for a while now and we now he is always working hard. He has the same vision as us. Plus he’s a friend too, we’ve been shredding in Whistler for a few summers together and I am pretty stoked to have him in the crew.

How’s his French?
[Laughs] I don’t think he has one word.

A mean press in Red's Backyard.

A mean press in Red's Backyard.

Is there any 270 variation you can’t do?
A lot of them [laughs]!

What one has been tough lately?
Back 270s, for some reason I go cork or I catch my toe edge on the rail, having a hard time with those.

What’s the most trouble you’ve ever been in?
[Nic Suave: You’re asking the wrong guy!]

Who should I ask?
[Nic Suave: Frank April!]
Alex: I’ve got one! A few years ago we were close to the Canada – U.S. Border. There was a big snowstorm and me and my friend were snowboarding on the street, I was driving and my friend was behind the car with a rope. Somehow we went across the border, we didn’t know because it was in such a small town (close to Montreal). A big alarm went off and we were like, “Woah! What the fuck!” The cops came and my friend had a bag of weed in his pants. He tried to drop it right before we went into the police building, but they saw it on the camera. So yeah, he had a criminal case. Pretty funny.