Hunter Wood is a man of many talents, and on the day of this particular interview, a man of many words as well. He was back home in Indiana, enjoying an afternoon beer while a thunderstorm raged around him. He was happy to chat and tell  stories about his recent adventures, so what was meant to be a quick six questions turned into something more. Here is the complete interview. - Darin Evangelista

For version that went to print head to your favorite snowboard shop check it out online here: SBCOMag Volume 5, Issue 1.

DOB: 2.5.93
Hometown: Fishers, Indiana
Resides: I’ve been kind of just living out of my truck… been in California a lot, I’m actually moving there in like a month or so. Just for like the fall and rest of summer. Trying to get some surfing going.
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I absolutely love Hunter Wood. That being said, I’ve only known the kid about a year now. Though in that short time his mellow, easy going persona is infectious, and hangin’ with him always brings out the positive vibes in the group – one of the most important talents to have on the road. Snowboarding and skating with him is a treat, he easily rips on any terrain, often reacting to a gnarly trick he landed much like The Dude nailing a strike: without a care in the world. Hunter’s had some serious hurdles to leap and has some nasty scars to prove it; this year it was great to see him back on his feet filming for Mr. Plant with us. He is down for anything: huge builds, rad spots, living in the van all day and night making us laugh all the while... I’m excited to see where this guy goes, and I can’t wait for our next trip! – Pat Moore

How was your season last year?
It was a good season. It was kind of weird because I had a big stomach surgery and they had to cut me fully open at the end of August. It was from an injury the year before where I ruptured my intestine at Big Bear. So, I was out all fall and going into the season I was a little weary.

[Lightning strikes so Hunter moves to the porch to watch the action]

Oh yeah, I was just saying I got to shoot and film with some people and got to go on some cool trips this year for sure. But you know like when you go into the winter and you’re just feeling really good and on top of your shit and ready to get after it and you know, just go hard? I kind of went into the season like, “Am I ready? Am I good to go?” Because I had another big very intrusive stomach surgery where they had to cut me open. I had like 22 staples going up my stomach. For the first half of the season the doctors said I was good, but mentally I was still kind of like, I guess a little shook. It might have slowed me down a little but I think that’s why I’m so hyped for this season. I’m doing a lot better so I don’t really have that like little voice in the back of my head kind of questioning shit, like if I’m good. Like, “can I take a slam and not get fucked up again?”

So you back feeling 100%?
Yeah, fully.

Vermont or Colorado?
Hard to say man, going to Vermont in high school was the best shit ‘cause I met so many people. It was all cold and icy so by the time I got to Colorado everything felt perfect. All the homies moved out there too so I couldn’t really say. But I guess these days, Colorado. I’m living there.

Coolest place in Indiana?
I don’t know, I gotta say… I don’t know my dad lives by a lake called Geist, so when I’m home we all go out friends’ boats and hit the lake, take the dogs swimming, drink some beers, and jet ski and stuff. But down in Bloomington, where IU is, I’d always go visit some friends, they have a skate park and a big cliff we jump off of into the water. But honestly I’m not here too much anymore though, I just come back for holidays.

What was it like riding with Pat Moore?
It was crazy, it was awesome though. It kinda opened up my eyes to what more you can do. I’m used to snowboarding around the mountain or going to a jump or hitting a rail with maybe a bungee, like I prefer natty speed for sure. He is very focused. At a spot, where I would just be looking at the rail, he would be looking at the wall over the rail, and because he has a winch he could hit it and just go over the whole thing. I was with like Mike Rav and Scott Blum so we had a cool dynamic, kind of just helped him out and watched what he was doing. If we were down we hit it with him, or kind of just whatever we saw off the road, stop and hit that. It was definitely eye opening to see the big shit that he was hitting and it kinda blew my mind honestly.

What’s the most hobo thing you’ve ever done?
Hopped the fence in San Francisco, or on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco to walk down by the water and slept in a sleeping back in an old abandoned fort, and yeah, just kinda the past two months I’ve been living out of my car and just camping anywhere and everywhere really.

What’s going on with One Glove lately?
Lately, it’s been kind of hard this year. Two years ago we had a whole house with like seven homies, and then more would always crashing. Were always getting after it with the crew but this year some of them were off doing their own thing. We’re trying to keep filming. I went on a trip this spring, Jack Kyle and I, were going around and just trying to film as much as we could in the spring and we were calling it the “Fortunate Misadventure.” So we went to the Holy Bowly and before that we were trying to ride some backcountry. Our motto was AMAP ASAP: As Much As Possible, As Soon As Possible. We just tried to skate and surf and snowboard as much as we could and film as much as we could. Just trying to stay true to I guess why we all came together in the first place to do it. But you know, each we’re year like, “yeah it’s a two year project… oh, maybe it’s a three year project.” But one of these days… expiration date is 2080 so if you don’t see anything forever, 2080 it’ll all come out. If not before then… hopefully before then.

What homie should we be watching out for next season?
I mean, Jack Kyle but you guys already know. Max Bigley, I saw a couple rails he hit this year, I wasn’t there for it but he’s bringing the heat, he’s coming in hot. Honestly, Keegan Valaika, like he always killed it growing up but in the past couple of years he’s been, not under the radar really, but I think he’s gonna be coming in hot. He’s back and bringing some serious shit with him. He’s going to be doing something big, something good, putting out something sick.

We got some of those photos of Bigley on some big rails that are going to be in the magazine.
Yeah, he’s the man.

How did you become friends with Keegan?
I met him when I was a lot younger, when I was like ten we hung out a lot. We both ended up back in Boulder and started skating and hanging out. Now we’re kinda on the same wavelength, with like the of vision of what kind of snowboarding we like to do and stuff like that, so that’s been cool.

Are you moving to California near him?
Yeah I’m gonna be down in SoCal, near all our friends and a bunch of buddies. We were all skating and surfing out there the past two months. So I’m going to go out there for the summer and try to get some work going, skate and surf as much as possible. Then I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to live this winter, but I’m probably going to end up back in Colorado. But it’s kinda up in the air still.

Is there anything else?
Throw [Mike] Goodwin a shout out for me, that’s kind of how I first really got to you know SBCO. He took us on that Crested Butte trip a few seasons ago and he’s a good homie. He was like the first one to get One Glove out in print. And One Glove, it’s pretty underground, under the radar, but we’ll put something out one of these days. And yeah, shout out to all the homies. Be yourself, do your own shit, and I don’t know, don’t be something you’re not, you know? Don’t do shit for the wrong reasons, I guess.