It's a crazy weekend in Breckenridge for snowboard fans when the Dew Tour rolls through. All of the favorite Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar athletes are in town—it's like the ski movie Hot Dog—but on crack. You're going to have plenty of choices when it comes to what to watch on the hill, where to eat in town, where to party and what pros to jock. It's all about managing your time to fit it all in one weekend. 

The Dew Tour Mountain Championships run Dec. [11-14] this year. Below is a guide to ensure you get the most out of the awesomeness that goes down! 

R: Sage Kotsenburg P: Aaron Dodds

R: Sage Kotsenburg P: Aaron Dodds

BREAKFAST — There are only two places to go to breakfast in Breckenridge: Clint's Bakery and Coffee or Daylight Donuts. Clint's is located on the first block of Main Street on the right-hand side, just past the main light. The place is awesome; I basically like to go there because of the crew that slings the bagels. There's no filter with those guys. They're always down for an early morning snowboard shit-talking session. Make sure to go in and say "what's up" to the those dudes. The other spot—Daylight Donuts. I've been going to Daylight since the first week I moved to Breckenridge. It's your basic eggs, bacon and panca. kind of place, just way better than the average stop. It's located on Main Street right near the gondola. Richard, the owner, is pretty much always working, so say "hello," get your breakfast to go and eat it on the gondola. 

LUNCH — You don't need it. Don't be one of those kids who brings their backpack to the hill every day with a packed lunch and sets it at the top of the park. You're risking getting your peanut butter and jelly sandwich stolen. If you really need something, buy a Clif Bar at the grocery store before you hit the hill. 

DINNER — If you plan on going out, make reservations. The town is slammed this weekend and you don't want to get stuck eating 7-Eleven for dinner. My favorite restaurant in town is SouthRidge Seafood Grill. There's a good chance you'll run into Vans Triple Crown silver medalist and crusty local Nic Drago sitting at the bar. If you see him, don't say "what's up." There's a good chance he will just vibe you and look the other way. Another standout place to eat is Modis, located on the same block as Clint's on Main Street. The food is tasty and it's close to town. Those are my two high-end options. If everything is super busy, you can always go to Giampietro Pasta & Pizza. It may be packed, but you can order a slice to go and they will have it out in less than 10 minutes. Finally, if burgers are what you're after, make sure to swing by Empire Burger. Best burger in town, hands down. Or, if you're really sticking to that tight budget, you can always head back to the grocery store for another Clif Bar.

ON HILL— When you're on hill, it's all about the viewing angle. If you try to go up to the park to watch the contest, you are likely to get a poor viewing angle of the action. To get a great view of the live acrobatic snowboard stunts that are going down, you can stay down at the base and watch all the action on the big screen. It doesn't make you lazy, you are just enjoying the spoils of the modern age. On the screen you're going to see every part of every run, but you won't get that live, energy drink feel when you see the athletes do their maneuvers. You make the call. I usually like to sit at the bottom, but I'm in the park every day all winter so I see the aerialists up close and personal more than most. 

APRES/NIGHTLIFE — You can start your beverage scene off right without even leaving the hill. Breckenridge has conveniently placed a bar right at the base of the festivities—the T-Bar. It's going to be very busy anytime after 2 p.m. so be ready to wait for a drink and order a couple at a time if possible. One good thing about waiting at the T-Bar is there's no shortage of high-fives going around. Half the snowboard industry is bound to be hanging out there: team managers, agents, washed-up pros, pros that weren't good enough to get into the event, pro jocks ... you name it. 

When I head out on the town these days, there is only one bar I go to and that's Brooklyn's. It's kind of like Cheers for me. It's a pool hall located in La Cima Mall on the south side of town. It's the best bet if you're looking for a basic watering hole. Besides Brooklyn's, there's Cecilia's, Breck's longstanding nightclub, located right down the block. Last year Juvenile played a show at Cecilia's and Louie Vito is usually behind the bar serving everyone Red Bull.

(Originally published December 2013)