November. There’s no holding back this month. Every resort in Colorado will be open by Thanksgiving and now people start to really flood up the mountains. My favorite place in November is Breckenridge, hands down. They open on the [14]th this year and the last few years have opened with a triple line of jumps and a couple rails. I usually only go to A-basin or Loveland a couple times in October to break in my gear and wait until now to really start snowboarding everyday.

With the addition of each new snowboard addict, November gets crazier every year. The good part about November, though, is that if we pray hard enough, we will get the snow needed to allow the resorts to open up more terrain and spread the crowds out. November has been known to have a good pow day here or there, but I usually try to stick to the hardpack. Even if we do get a lot of snow, it’s so light that even if it’s five feet deep, there’s still no base and you go right to the ground. You end up stuck a lot. Loveland Pass is a great place to go build a mini-kicker or do some low-tide pow laps with a rock board if you don’t have a pass or
just want to get away from the long, early-season lift lines.

R: Chad Ottersrom P: Aaron Dodds L: Breckenridge, CO

R: Chad Ottersrom P: Aaron Dodds L: Breckenridge, CO

If you are looking to ride the park in November, you’re going to have to dial your dodging skills. Skiers have always been the majority on the hill and now that they are all over the park, it has gotten very busy. Imagine if 200 Rollerbladers started coming to your skate park that could only hold a max of 20 skaters. Nothing against skiers, if it wasn’t for them we might not have metal edges. I’m just saying be ready to dodge, snowboarders or skiers.

You can also rip Denver and Boulder this time of year. It gets cold on the Front Range and tends to snow regularly. That means no more hitting up your buddy’s slider bar. Time to break out the Banshee Bungee and take it to the streets. If you’re not into riding park or jibbing the city in November, there’s always EpicMix. This is a good month to start clocking vertical with your Epic Pass; just sign up for EpicMix and start doing laps. It becomes addicting, as nerdy as it is. I took a lot more laps last year just trying to catch up with Nate Dogggg’s vertical. Both the Keystone and Vail gondolas are good for this. As I said earlier, the pow up here is very rarely good in November unless you really pray. However, it’s almost guaranteed to be good down at Wolf Creek. Check their website for their snowfall report. Anywhere between 125-200 inches year-to-date means it is all-time. Once they have over 200 inches, the rest of Colorado usually has enough and you won’t have to make the long drive down there anymore. That is, unless you already live down there, of course. Come the end of the month, Thanksgiving hits and, provided we are getting good snow, winter is here! No more riding the
white ribbon of death; you’ll be in dreamland until the end of May, if you want!