A few years ago Mike Wick was just a hungry young buck on the come up, this year he can be seen rolling with the Under Dawgs in "Video Mixtape." He was wild then and he's wild now. Hell, just two weeks ago I saw him chug a beer out of Danny Kass' shoe at Snowboard on the Block. Read his interview from Volume 3, Issue 3 to find out more about this cat licker from Denver.

Blue Ribbon: Michael Wick

Words: Michael Goodwin

Lately, whenever I see Michael Wick, I hear the gnat-assed, knee sock sporting football coach from Dazed and Confused in my head, teasing out a premonition of Randy Floyd and friend’s summer: “You know, you’re sitting around the pool all day, chasing the muff around.” I have seen Michael a number of times this fall, in completely contrasting situations (Wednesday night movie premiere, midday rail jam), yet the constants remain. He is loose, rocking a Hawaiian shirt, and he’s got chicks with him. Always just having a damn good time. It’s like he’s just checked into this perpetual ‘70s-era poolside disco. He’s even determined this Austin Powers-esque delivery, unabashedly slipping retro-sex intimations into his regular speech. “Oh, she’s still purrrrring,” in reference to how his 15-passenger van, decked with hardwood and lined with blue shag, is running. Or in response to his female preferences: “(She’s) Gotta be able to groove. Spice!”

Michael has been on the Colorado scene for a good minute now, getting his start on the Forum program a few years back. “Mike Osborne, who works at BC hooked me up with Dougie (Olsen) one day. I just sent Dougie a little bit of footage when I was, like, 15 and he gave me a snowboard. It kind of escalated from there.” He has been with Forum ever since, putting in work and moving up the ladder. “Mike Swift, the new Forum Colorado rep, is the man, super-rad dude that has always been supportive. And John Spiris, he used to be the Celtek team manager and just became the Forum team manager this year, he is another guy who has helped me a ton. Cool dude that definitely likes to get shit done.”

At a crisp 19-years young, that ripping testosterone has helped Michael get some shit of his own done in recent months, putting together a summer part with Connor Brown up at High Cascade and landing cameo shots in Dylan Thompson’s “Summer Shred” video releases. “I am homies with the filmer that was making those edits,” says Wick. “Dylan, Pat Richer (the filmer, aka Throwback Pat) and I ended up camping together the whole summer. We became good homies and he asked me to be in them!” Michael also spent much of the last year cementing his place in the SLC-based, on-snow-college bash that is Lick the Cat.

P: Aaron Dodds

P: Aaron Dodds

“I know Big Jerm and all the Park City local kids started it. I am not sure, like two years ago, and then they just asked me to be part of the crew,” says Wick of his posse inception. (The group was recently featured in Snowboarder Magazine’s “Tribes” section). “Lick the Cat is taking over. It’s basically all the good homies that we snowboard with. (The brothers Kotsenburg, Sam Taxwood, Griffin Siebert, the list goes on and on.) We are all kind of the same age and we just like to fuck shit up and snowboard to good music and lick a
whole lot of cats! If you know what I mean.”

Some may deem the Lick the Cat handle repulsive, yet I find it particularly fitting of Michael’s gentle, swing-ish nature. Though I assume the name is drawn more from an insatiable teen quest for pussy than any all-equivocal nod to sexual reciprocity, his inclusion is appropriate because Wick falls on the nice guy side of the playboy spectrum. More Leon Phelps than Tommy Lee. Or, as his homie Zak Hale describes his game, “It’s like picking a berry. It could either be sour as fuck or the sweetest thing you ever tasted.”

“What do girls think of your van,” I ask.

“I have heard when they walk up they are a little skeptical, but then once you get them in, it’s game over. That’s when all the writ comes out.”

"You need to explain writ for me,” I tell him.

“It’s from this video, “The 7-Minute Thug Workout: How to Cook Crack.” And the key to the crack-cooking game is all in the writ, like the wrist. It ended up catching on and everybody got hyped on it. Just whenever anything went down this summer we just always put up the writ.”

P: Aaron Dodds

P: Aaron Dodds

“Tell me a story about your van that I can publish.”

“I am trying to think. I don’t know. I am trying to think of one that will be usable.”

“Well, you could tell part of a story.”

“Let’s see how this one sounds,” he begins. “We were at a music festival in Minnesota, WE Fest.”

“Glee fest?”

“WE Fest, like W-E Fest. Everybody was partying all day. I think there were, like, 150,000 people that were camping at it. It was gnarly, so many babes. Then all these security dudes started riding around on horses and the weather got really gnarly and they are telling everybody to stay in their tents because there was a possible tornado coming through the campsite. It started raining all gnarly. I put my swimsuit on and was just sending it outside. When people got bored of the rain, we started partying in the van. The partying was just going off. There were so many babes coming in the van and then I ended up with some chick and everybody had left the van. I didn’t see him, but one of my friends opened the door and saw me getting it with some spicy blond girl.”

“Spicy blond girl,” I laugh. Is that what you said, “Gettin’ it in the van?”

“Yeah, gettin’ writ!”

P: Terry Ratzlaff

P: Terry Ratzlaff

Michael will be taking the show west to Salt Lake City this year, meeting up with the rest of his brethren, living in Sage Kotsenburg’s basement and possibly helping put together a full-length video. “The move really just comes down to filming. The whole crew is out there, just all the people that I really love to board with. Little bit of a rumor that we might make a Lick the Cat movie,” says Wick. “We just got a new VHX and Carlino’s fisheye lens, so we are ready this year. I just want to basically film with whoever I can and just kind of stack footage.”

He’s not one to get caught up in any of the nonsense of the snowboard world. He’s always down to bust his ass, but you won’t find him freaking out or stressing when things aren’t going exactly the way he planned. Just a nice dude sporting island gear and some killer teeth who’s always looking to keep the party rollin’.