R: Melissa Riitano P: Chip Proulx

R: Melissa Riitano P: Chip Proulx

Eldora Mountain Resort gets a giant upgrade this season with the launch of the Woodward Experience! 

Woodward and Eldora Mountain Resort announced they will offer The Woodward Experience, on snow instructional sessions for snowboarders, for the 2016/2017 season. Eldora joins Copper Mountain to become the only two locations in Colorado to offer Woodward sessions. Bringing Woodward Experience to Eldora is indicative of POWDR’s commitment to expanding opportunities for youth empowerment through Woodward’s 45 years of summer and winter innovative youth training. POWDR is an adventure lifestyle brand that fuels participation in the adventure lifestyle with a collection of festivals, themed runs, and branded events.

The Woodward Experience is a fresh take on snowboard instruction philosophy. Based on a social, team mentality, and guided by coaches, students learn mobility, coordination and balance in a format conducive to their individual advancement and interpretation. 

β€œThe Woodward Experience takes the mind and body awareness philosophy of Woodward, which is skill progression with the freedom of expression, and combines it with an unobstructed approach to teaching kids to ski and snowboard, while allowing room for individual interpretation,” explained J.P. Chevalier, director of marketing and skier services at Eldora Mountain Resort. 

The Woodward Experience at Eldora is specifically centered on giving young kids a fun snowboard session like nothing they’ve been through before. Taking place on snow and in the indoor Woodward Hub, Start with Woodward introduces first timers and beginners to skiing and riding by incorporating balance boards, soft floor gymnastics, snow surface terrain specifically shaped for enhanced skill development, and terrain park features, which kids will become familiar with from their first day.

After Start with Woodward, kids progress to Ride with Woodward where sessions focus on continued advanced skills development. Following Ride with Woodward, kids will be primed for continued skills advancement at Woodward Copper. The well-established Woodward Copper is a year-round ski and snowboard training facility dedicated to park and pipe progression. 

β€œWe’re thrilled to bring The Woodward Experience to our guests, and to those who value the benefits of outdoor recreation by making modern skiing and riding a part of their life,” continued Chevalier. β€œOur vision is that The Woodward Experience helps parents pass down their passions for snow sports to their kids by giving kids a memorable experience with loads of fun.” 

For the 2016/17 season, Eldora will offer The Woodward Experience as a full-day Start with Woodward session for kids ranging from first time beginner to level three. Ride with Woodward will be offered for levels four to six, and Mini Rats four-day Holiday Camps for ages four to fourteen years old. 

The Woodward Experience will replace Eldora’s traditional kids snowsports school, including the kids Mountain Explorers day lesson program, however, the popular consecutive-week Eldorables for four and five year olds will remain, as well as the Kids Trek six-week program for six to fourteen year olds. For more information, or to register for The Woodward Experience, please visit https://www.eldora.com/woodward/.

 R: Ethan Campbell P: Chip Proulx

R: Ethan Campbell P: Chip Proulx

There is a ton of excitement about the new addition to the old school Eldora Mountain, especially from Boulder residents who don't have to drive on Highway 93 and I70 just to hit some park features anymore. Team Satellite made the trip up for the opening of the new park and team riders were throwing down as usual! Get out there and check it out!