Words and photos by: Chad Otterstrom

Once every couple years, it snows enough in September to go out and strap on your board. This year is one of those years.

I've been doing a lot of nothing lately - sitting around the house with my dogs and waiting for that sweet deal to come along. While I was waiting, it snowed a few inches. I noticed Mr. Cody Kyle Potter posting on instagram that he was going to set up the jib scene in his yard. We like to call it , "The best of backer boardin' season." Looking to click some mega pixels, I headed over there. I must have timed it perfectly; as soon as I set up they all started to wheelie, slide and spin on the bar. I could name everyone there but that would be a lot of name dropping. They sessioned for about an hour and we decided to go hit the streets. And by the streets, I mean the Rec Center rail.

There's a rail at the Silverthorne Rec Center that always gets taken out early season so the boarders don't slide it. Well, we poached it. Actually we didn't, we got kicked out. So we made plans to hit it the next morning at sunrise before the Rec Center opened. Turns out it was a good plan. We showed up at 7 a.m. and were able to bungee into this beast for two hours before getting the boot. The only major issue we had was some dude with his dog and a head lamp living in his van that wanted to get a shot too. He ended up getting in the way and we, meaning Tylor and I, had to give him the boot. He wasn't happy and went back to sleep in his van.

Later that day we all headed up to Loveland. It turned out that's where the party was. There were people everywhere: sliding tubes, rails, catching air and barbecuing . I snapped a few photos, but it got old, and I just started to try and take pics of people falling to entertain myself. It was awesome! There were nearly 50 kids up there charging as hard as they could. Then I went back home to sit and wait for the next sweet deal. Still no sweet deal.

Rider: Tylor Berreth