Connor Paulson racked up almost six minutes of footage from last year, so he split it into two sections, winter and summer. Really nice mix of park rails, jumps, street, and even a little bit of powder.

"This is a self edited, incredibly diversified in filming accumulation of what a year looks like, through the lenses of many good friends. There is a little bit of everything, some park, some powder, some street, even a little bit of skateboarding. Thank you to everyone who was behind the camera at one point or another this year. Ryan Sheetz, thank you for shooting what is easily half of this. Thanks to all the other filmers, Greg Bejain, Tylor Berreth, Annie Garcia, and Ben Wilson I could not have made this happen without you. Huge thank you to Kindbro for all of the new support, everyone there is amazing! Thanks lastly to snowboarding and everyone making it fun and not taking themselves to seriously!"