The first annual Bull of the Woods contest took place this past Monday in the trees of Breckenridge, pushing the boundaries of traditional contest snowboarding. The completely rider driven event was grassroots in every sense of the word. The log jib course was completely designed and built by snowboarders who had free reign in the woods of the closed resort.

Moses, who was the mastermind behind the whole event, explained the course was very much influenced by skateboarding. He wanted to bring the flow of a quality skatepark onto the snow since traditional terrain parks are too often just obstacles in a row. So Moses and company took matters into there own hands, hiking up the resort and into the woods day after day to transform their visions into reality.

The contest format was simple, three groups of riders rotated through four different sections of the man-made park, the riders then voted and elected persons to advance to the finals, the finals then took place in a fifth and final section. Separating the event into five areas with completely different features ensured tricks wouldn't become repetitive and the ever changing course encouraged creativity. The result was absolute destruction as riders took full advantage of every obstacle and every inch available to them.

“Best day ever” was overheard throughout the event and good times were had by all. Highlights included Sean Murphy’s hard-way BS 360 onto the down log, Matt Coughlin's all around charging, Silvia Mittermuller’s long tail press, and everyone’s aerial stunts over the makeshift hip. A video recap can be expected during Nightmare Snowboard’s premiere at Snowboard on the Block on September 13th.

Congratulations to Austin, Sean and Matt for taking the top spots in the completely rider-judged competition. Thank you to Moses, Ronnie Barr and everyone else involved for putting together such an amazing event, can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year's Bull of the Woods.