Colorado has an extensive and well known snowboarding community, and anyone who is, or has ever been, a part of it shares a bond and pride that stems from this collective. A lesser known community of snowboarders can be found in a country that lies to the distant east, Iran. A film titled Boarders Without Borders intends to shed light on this foreign community and they are using a Colorado native to help in their journey.

Gabi Viteri, born and raised in Colorado, was hand-picked by the directors, Marjan Tehrani & Nick Catania, and producer, Brian Sachson, of this film project not just because of her notoriety in the industry, but because of her desire to spread peace and gain understanding of a place she knows little about. "My reason for wanting to be a part of this film is to experience what life is like in Iran, to snowboard somewhere totally new, and to also bring peace and show everyone that politics can be put aside and new friendships can be made anywhere in any circumstance," says Gabi. She will be joined by good friend and fellow team rider, Hannah Teter, who Gabi has done charity work with in Kenya previously.

Do you want to be a part of this amazing journey and make your mark on snowboarding history? Well, the team at Boarders Without Borders needs your help. Visit their KICKSTARTER FUND and donate to the cause. Getting an entire film crew and cast into Iran is no easy task. Licenses, permits and travel costs abound, so any support you can offer is welcome. Just visit for more information. You can find a breakdown of how much money they need to fund their project and how the funds are being allocated. Boarders Without Borders is also offering some pretty cool incentives to anyone who donates over $10, so go check it out.

Snowboard Colorado is excited to follow Gabi on her quest, and can't think of a better person to spread the Colorado love overseas. Stay tuned to for news and updates on Gabi's travels during this unique trip.