Apparently it's that time of the year when riders and video editors are rushing to get their footage from last season out before this season is fully underway. I mean, you only had all summer, right? Anyway, here are three edits all filmed mostly in Colorado:

First up is young Justin Phipps. At only 11 years old, Justin tackles all sorts of terrain, including everything Breck's park has to offer. But what is most impressive is that this dude is hitting the streets, and not just little spots either, real spots. A bungee has got to be extremely intimidating when you're only about four feet tall.

Next up we have the notably larger Anthony Corbo. Anthony's part was filmed at Breck, Keystone, Copper, and bit from Jackson Hole, WY. Definitely some questionable moments  in regards to tricks and editing, but you've got to appreciate the work that goes into filming this much. The slams are pretty good too. 

And finally we have Chase Reinford. This flip-happy rider probably has the most creative part of the group and he obviously spent a good amount of time in the backcountry. But a lot of the landings were cut off, which makes us question if they were actually makes.

So whose part was your favorite? I know who my winner is.