Vans Introspect with Wolle Nyvelt

"It was just the whole freedom of what those boards brought to riding mountains again…it's kind of like time travel, too."

In this week's episode of INTROSPECT, we head to Austria, home of Wolfgang Nyvelt. Wolfgang is progressing the sport of snowboarding one shape at a time. He doesn't select one board to ride during the season, he believes in a quiver of boards to choose from. Wolfgang is a pioneer on the cutting edge of modern snowboard design. Watch as he takes us to the ASMO factory and gives us a fresh look into the future of what snowboarding can become.

INTROSPECT explores the unique personalities of the Vans’ snow team as they come to define who they are amid their peers, their passions, and their future in snowboarding. Filmed through a documentarian lens, INTROSPECT digs deep to uncover a layer of snowboarding culture that thrives beyond the mountain. Past seasons of INTROSPECT include features on Vans riders Jamie LynnPat MooreDarrell MathesZac MarbenHana BeamanIouri Podlatchikov and Arthur Longo.

About Vans Snow
Vans embraces over two decades of commitment in snow, advocating individual expression and style, and supported by an influential roster of athletes that continue to evolve the progression of snowboarding today. With heavy influence in design and rigorous testing of our boots, Vans global team members include Pat Moore, Darrell Mathes, Zac Marben, Jake Kuzyk, Andreas Wiig, Mark Landvik, Jamie Lynn, Hana Beaman, Arthur Longo, Iouri "Ipod" Podladtchikov, Phil Jacques, Eric Willett, Markus Keller, Wolle Nyvelt, and Cheryl Maas