New Edit from Trash League: Digital Weekend

There is something in the water up in Ontario, or maybe it is just the fact that the water is always frozen. The guys from Trash League spent their winter out in the Ontario streets and they got some pretty amazing footage to prove it.

Featuring: Gordon Birnie, Mike Chmil, Denny Duquette, Chris Fellner, Danny Glibota, Mark Goodall and Ben Poechman.

Edit by: Mike Chmil.

Filmed by: Mike Chmil, Mark Goodall, Dallas Ianni and Marco Morandi.

Supported by: Boobeyes, Capita Snowboards, Coal Headwear, Deeluxe, Dinosaurs Will Die, ICAN, Rome Snowboards, Sanction, SPY, Stinky Socks, and Union Binding Co.