Werni Stock leads the Shred Bots through the land of Weissbeer and Schnitzel for some laps through one of his favorite parks in Europe, the VANS Penken Park. Werni and Nikolas Baden absolutely destroy and Nik shows a skier whats up! Cameo appearance from Lorenz Vyslozil.

Film: Drew Hastings and Tom Hannam

Edit: Drew Hastings

Vans Introspect with Wolle Nyvelt

"It was just the whole freedom of what those boards brought to riding mountains again…it's kind of like time travel, too."

In this week's episode of INTROSPECT, we head to Austria, home of Wolfgang Nyvelt. Wolfgang is progressing the sport of snowboarding one shape at a time. He doesn't select one board to ride during the season, he believes in a quiver of boards to choose from. Wolfgang is a pioneer on the cutting edge of modern snowboard design. Watch as he takes us to the ASMO factory and gives us a fresh look into the future of what snowboarding can become.

INTROSPECT explores the unique personalities of the Vans’ snow team as they come to define who they are amid their peers, their passions, and their future in snowboarding. Filmed through a documentarian lens, INTROSPECT digs deep to uncover a layer of snowboarding culture that thrives beyond the mountain. Past seasons of INTROSPECT include features on Vans riders Jamie LynnPat MooreDarrell MathesZac MarbenHana BeamanIouri Podlatchikov and Arthur Longo.

About Vans Snow
Vans embraces over two decades of commitment in snow, advocating individual expression and style, and supported by an influential roster of athletes that continue to evolve the progression of snowboarding today. With heavy influence in design and rigorous testing of our boots, Vans global team members include Pat Moore, Darrell Mathes, Zac Marben, Jake Kuzyk, Andreas Wiig, Mark Landvik, Jamie Lynn, Hana Beaman, Arthur Longo, Iouri "Ipod" Podladtchikov, Phil Jacques, Eric Willett, Markus Keller, Wolle Nyvelt, and Cheryl Maas

CAPiTA Super Corporation Announces New Factory

Press Release – Seattle, Washington – January 26, 2015 – Today, the CAPiTA Super Corporation announced that it is constructing The Mothership – the most progressive snowboard production facility in the world.

Located on 7 acres (28.000 m2) in Feistritz a.d. Gail, Austria, the 53,000 square foot (4.900 m2) facility will contain fully integrated production capabilities. Beyond the exclusive technologies and patented processes CAPiTA MFG is renowned for, the new facility will encompass all tooling, milling, printing, pressing, grinding, finishing, packaging and logistics in-house.

The advanced R&D lab will feature one of a kind capabilities such as a groomed, 3⁄4 mile (1.2 km) long testing slope on-site, while more rigorous testing will be done nearby on Nassfeld resort’s 30 lifts, two snowboard parks and 4,600 vertical feet (1400 m).

Focused on responsible manufacturing, CAPiTA MFG will be a zero CO2 emission, 100 percent hydro and solar powered factory – fueled by a new hydropower station built in cooperation with the local community. Utilizing new production technology, less energy will be required due to reduced process temperatures and specialized water pumps regulating climate control.

The company’s philosophy promotes sustainable initiatives, such as the development and use of reforestation certified wood cores and advanced industrial material recycling. Healthier production techniques will also be utilized, like water-based inks, plant-based resin and solvent-less finishing.

All current employees will be retained when the new facility opens in the Fall of 2015, comprising a multi-generational workforce that takes great pride in Austrian Made snowboard production.

In addition to sustainable power sources and lower emissions, CAPiTA MFG President Blue Montgomery states, “In 2013 we acquired the largest snowboard factory in the world, but production on that scale wasn’t our goal. The strategic purchase allowed us to retain proprietary machinery essential to our products as well as valuable transition time to execute on all aspects of a custom design and build factory. Our focus has always been on The Mothership – an all new, state-of-the-art facility for the future. Moving forward, our goal is to make the best snowboards in the world, utilizing socially responsible manufacturing for a dynamic and demanding marketplace.”

CAPiTA Snowboarding was founded in Seattle, Washington, and is recognized throughout the industry for progressive products, innovative athletes and world class snowboard production in Austria.