Arbor Snowboards


This Fall, Arbor Snowboards will drop their first full-length film, "Cosa Nostra". From the spines of Valdez, to the varied terrain of Jackson Hole, through the oceanside streets of Niigata, and into the frozen city scape of Quebec, the Arbor Team will travel to the regions that have influenced it’s own evolution. Like many things, snowboarding is a product of its environments, with personalities as varied as its settings. The Arbor Team Video will provide an authentic representation of snowboarding’s manifestations as seen through the life and times of Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter, Marie-France Roy, Frank April, Scotty Vine, Erik Leon, Mike Liddle, Emil Ulsletten, Ian Sams, Cam Fitzpatrick, Atsushi Hasegawa, Mike Gray, Charles Reid, Ryland West, and more. This is our passion, this is our family, this is our thing. This is “Cosa Nostra”.